New England News 2003

DEC 15, 2003 Former Milford Man Sentenced to 70 Months In Prison for Crack Cocaine Distribution
DEC 15, 2003 Taunton Brothers Arrested on Drug Charges
NOV 13, 2003 New England Field Division Participates in Red Ribbon Week
NOV 7, 2003 Woburn Electronics Company Owner Sentenced for Participating in Computer Theft Ring
NOV 7, 2003 Springfield Residents Plead Guilty to Distributing Crack Cocaine
NOV 6, 2003 Springfield Men Plead Guilty To Distributing Crack Cocaine
OCT 28, 2003 Florida Man Convicted On Pseudoephedrine Trafficking
OCT 27, 2003 New Jersey Pharmacists Sentenced For Role In Prescription Drug Diversion Scheme
OCT 23, 2003 Fall River Man Sentenced To 10 Years For Oxycontin Distribution
OCT 17, 2003 International Brotherhood Of Teamsters Local 25 President Sentenced
OCT 14, 2003 Winter Hill Gang Leader Pleads Guilty
OCT 8, 2003 Former Marijuana Distributor and Importer Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison
OCT 3, 2003 Dorchester Man Indicted on Federal Drug and Firearms Charges
OCT 3, 2003 Beverly Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail in Heroin Overdose Case
OCT 2, 2003 Forfeiture Sought of Fitchburg Property Used to Facilitate Heroin Distribution
SEP 30, 2003 Third Defendant Sentenced in Salem Marijuana Ring Case
SEP 29, 2003 Portsmith Man Found Guilty of Selling Crack Cocaine
SEP 23, 2003 Springfield Man Pleads Convicted of Firearms Offenses
SEP 23, 2003 Springfield Man Pleads Guilty To Distrbute Crack Cocaine
SEP 18, 2003 New Bedford Chiropractor Sentenced For Obtaining Oxycontin by Fraud
SEP 9, 2003 New England Field Division's New Cape Cod Office Opens
SEP 5, 2003 John P. Bulger Sentenced For Perjury and Obstruction of Justice 
SEP 5, 2003 Three Arrested in Colombia On U.S. Drug and Gun Charges
AUG 19, 2003 DEA Administrator Karen Tandy Visits the New England Field Division
AUG 19, 2003 New England Field Division Hosts Massachusetts Congressional Delegation
AUG 18, 2003 Crack Cocaine Trafficker Sentenced to 262 Months in Prison
AUG 12, 2003 Leader and Principal Runner of a Colombian Distribution Ring Sentenced on Federal Drug Trafficking Charges; Third Colombian Extradited to Face Charges
AUG 7, 2003 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 25 Vice President Sentenced
AUG 4, 2003 DEA New England Field Division Teams Up With The Partnership for a Drug Free America 
JUL 31, 2003 Fall River Man Pleads Guilty to Distributing OxyContin
JUL 31, 2003 Burlington Trucking Company Executive and Company Sentenced for Illegal Activity Related toInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 25
JUL 28, 2003 Federal Jury Convicts Wilmington Man of Heroin Distribution
JUL 21, 2003 SAC Mark R. Trouville Delivers Keynote Address at the New England Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Conference
JUL 8, 2003 Seven Lowell Individuals Arrested on Drug Distribution Charges
JUL 3, 2003 Springfield Man Sentenced to 25 years for Cocaine Trafficking
JUL 1, 2003 State Inmate Charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin
JUL 1, 2003 Ku Klux Klan Motorcycle Club Member Sentenced and Arizona Based Supplier of Methamphetamine Convicted of Conspiracy Charges
JUN 26, 2003 New Bedford Chiropractor Pleads Guilty to Obtaining OxyContin by Fraud
JUN 20, 2003 Essex County Deputy Sheriff Convicted on Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges
JUN 20, 2003 Defendant Sentenced to 22 Years on Federal Drug Charges
JUN 19, 2003 Two Cape Residents Arrested on Federal Drug Charges
JUN 12, 2003 One Hundred Fifty Attend Ecstasy and Predatory Drug Conference
JUN 12, 2003 Correction Officer Pleads Guilty to Distribution of Heroin
JUN 10, 2003 Springfield Man Sentenced for Distributing Cocaine
JUN 3, 2003 Twenty-Six Arrested in Maine
MAY 29, 2003 Twenty-One Charged with Federal Drug and Gun Crimes
MAY 9, 2003 Six Arrested On Ecstasy Charges
MAY 9, 2003 SAC Mark R. Trouville Addresses Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association About The Perils Of Predatory Drugs 
MAY 2, 2003 Beverly Heroin Dealers Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison
MAY 1, 2003 Two Men Charged After 1,500 Pounds of Marijuana Seize
APR 25, 2003 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 25 President and Vice President Plead Guilty
APR 24, 2003 New Haven Drug Task Force Wins Teamwork Award
APR 10, 2003 John P. Bulger Convicted of Perjury and Obstruction of Justice
APR 3, 2003 Bridgeport Man Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges
APR 2, 2003 Warwick Man Arrested 1300 Pounds of Marijuana Seized
MAR 25, 2003 Lowell Couple Sentenced on Federal Drug Charges
MAR 25, 2003 Two Fall River Men Convicted and Sentenced for OxyContin Distribution
MAR 20, 2003 Operation Streetsweeper Results in the Arrest of Eight for Crack Cocaine Distribution in the New Hampshire Seacoast Area 
MAR 19, 2003 Lawrence Man Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison on Drug Charges
MAR 13, 2003 Nutrition Chain Barred from Selling Ephedrine-Based Chemicals
FEB 28, 2003 Boston Gun Violence Reduction Program Recognized As National Model
FEB 26, 2003 Drug Defendant Sentenced To Life In Federal Prison In Connection With Largest Ever Cocaine Seizure In Massachusetts History
FEB 20, 2003 Doctor Charged With Illegally Prescribing Narcotics And Sexual Assault
FEB 19, 2003 Six Arrested On Federal Drug Trafficking Charges
FEB 13, 2003 Federal Jury Convicts Lynn Man Of Cocaine Conspiracy
FEB 12, 2003 Federal Jury Convicts Woburn Electronics Company Owner For Participating In Computer Theft Ring
FEB 11, 2003 Five Worcester Men Indicted On Drug And Gun Charges
FEB 7, 2003 Framingham Police And DEA MET Team Make Arrests
FEB 4, 2003 Siblings Sentenced To Federal Prison For New Bedford Heroin Conspiracy
JAN 31, 2003 10 Arrested In Everett Drug Operation
JAN 28, 2003 Worcester Man Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison
JAN 28, 2003 Employee Of Essex County Sheriff's Department Sentenced To Federal Prison On Counterfeiting And Drug Charges
JAN 22, 2003 46 Arrested In Willimantic Connecticut Heroin Sweep
JAN 22, 2003 Defendant Sentenced To 18 Years On Federal Drug Charges
JAN 6, 2003 Michael S. Flemmi Sentenced For Laundering Stolen Jewelry
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