Detroit News 2010

December 22, 2010 Owner of Two Columbus Pain Management Clinics Charged with Controlled Substance Conspiracy
November 8, 2010 Ohio Man Convicted of Pill Distribution Conspiracy in Eastern Kentucky
November 5, 2010 Seventy-Four Se Michigan Gang Members Charged with Federal Drug Violations
November 3, 2010 Life Sentence Given to Head of Huge Multi-State Marijuana Trafficking Organization Based in Ohio
September 24, 2010 11 Mexican Nationals Arrested in huge Outdoor Marijuana Operation in Ohio
September 7, 2010 Two Men + Five Kilos = Cocaine Distribution Charge
August 5, 2010 Louisville Doctor Pays Fine for Violating Controlled Substances Act
August 5, 2010 Kentucky Meth Dealer Sentenced to 7 Years Federal Prison
August 3, 2010 Ohio Pain Clinic Owners Among Those Charged For Running Fraudulent Clinic
July 23, 2010 Cocaine Conspiracy Conviction Nets Kentucky Man Life Sentence
July 23, 2010 Louisville Couple Indicted For Conspiracy To Distribute Oxycodone
June 24, 2010 Louisville Man Indicted for Multiple Counts of Cocaine Distribution
June 17, 2010 Southern Cal Woman Charged For Transporting 500 Pounds of Marijuana Into Central Ohio Via Private Jet
June 15, 2010 Michigan Pharmaceutical Supplier’S Dea License Suspended
May 20, 2010 All in the Family - Kentucky Meth Conspiracy
May 20, 2010 Former Postal Employee Sentenced on Charges of Theft of Mail Which Included Controlled Substances
May 17, 2010 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Possessing and Distributing Methamphetamine
May 17, 2010 New York Couple Convicted of Conspiracy To Distribute Heroin In Kentucky
April 19, 2010 Kentucky Man Pleads Guilty To Meth Distribution
April 16, 2010 Ohio Grand Jury Charges 12 People and 2 Businesses in Huge Internet Pill Conspiracy
April 13, 2010 Bullitt County Couple Indicted for Possession with Intent to Distribute Oxycontin
April 13, 2010 Hash Indicated on Oxycontin Charged
March 23, 2010 Kentucky “Ecstasy” Distributor Sentenced To 6 Years In Federal Prison
March 22, 2010 Kentucky Man Sentenced To Ten Years For Distributing Multi Ounces Of Crack Cocaine
March 11, 2010 Monroe Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute Oxycontin with Michigan Doctor
March 11, 2010 Ex-Nurse Sentenced in Federal Court for Stealing Drugs From University of Louisville Hospital
March 4, 2010 Nashville Man Sentenced to 7 Years in Fed Prison for Four Kilo Crack Cocaine Conspiracy
March 3, 2010 Seven Arrested in Major Marijuana Seizure in Kentucky
February 26, 2010 Ex-Flint Police Officer Sentenced for Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana and Possession of a Firearm
February 17, 2010 Detroiter Indicted in Kentucky for Oxycontin Trafficking
January 21, 2010 Former Postal Worker Guilty of Stealing Controlled Substances from Mail
January 6, 2010 Western Kentucky Man Charged With Meth Distribution
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