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Middle East division

Middle East


  • Country Office
  • Resident Office
  • Regional Office

  • DEA’s Middle East Region is a very large and complex region, with over 40 very diverse countries that are covered by relatively few DEA offices.
    The region provides the majority of opium for the heroin consuming world. As such the primary function of these DEA offices is to encourage both bilateral and multilateral cooperation and pursue a regional approach to combating opiates and other regional drug threats. DEA offices work closely with regional and other international counterparts to identify and target major traffickers, to include their organizations, their assets, and their links to terrorism, and obtain the strategic and tactical intelligence necessary to be successful. DEA offices in the region also focus on the flow of precursor chemicals used for heroin and synthetic drug production in the region. Special Agents identify and seize clandestine laboratories that produce heroin, MDMA, and amphetamines.
    Additionally, personnel from each of these offices conduct regular liaison visits to countries in their area of responsibility where DEA does not maintain a constant presence to enhance opportunities for cooperation and intelligence sharing.

    For more information about a particular country, visit the CIA World Factbook.

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