Dallas News 2004

DEC 17, 2004 One Drug Trafficker Pleads Guilty And A Second Sentenced
DEC 10, 2004 Participants in Major Cocaine Distribution Ring Sentenced
NOV 19, 2004 Early Morning Raids Net 8 Alledged Drug Traffickers
NOV 9, 2004 Five Alleged Drug Traffickers Indicted in the Eastern District of Oklahoma
OCT 27, 2004 2004 Red Ribbon Campaign Announced “Rap Reunion in Red”
OCT 22, 2004 Plank Pleads Guilty in Federal Court
OCT 13, 2004 Roundup In Palestine Nets 28 On Drug Trafficking Charges
SEP 30, 2004 Gov. Henry Urges Other States to Adopt Versions of Oklahoma Law Combating Meth
SEP 17, 2004 Indictment against JESUS BRINOES RIVERA a/k/a Jesus Rivera Briones a/k/a Jesus Rivera a/k/a Jesus Briones a/k/a Ricardo Garcia-Anguiano, age 32, a citizen of Mexico
SEP 15, 2004 Lubbock Man Indicted On Cocaine Distribution And Firearms Charges
SEP 3, 2004 Oklahoma Methamphetamine Arrest
SEP 2, 2004 Leader in Major Cocaine/Marijuana Smuggling and Distribution Ring Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
AUG 31, 2004 61-Year Old Man Sentenced to Nearly 20 Years in Federal Prison Following Drug Conviction
AUG 24, 2004 Five Homes Near White Rock Lake In Dallas Forfeited To Government In Local Drug Investigation
AUG 18, 2004 Major Cocaine Arrest in Oklahoma
AUG 16, 2004 Seized Assets Shared Among Local Law Enforcement Agencies
AUG 12, 2004 Dallas Area Cocaine Trafficker Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
JUL 29, 2004 LSD and Ecstasy Drug Trafficking Indictments Unsealed
JUL 29, 2004 Local Drug Organization Dismantled
JUL 23, 2004 Major Marijuana Trafficking Indictment Unsealed
JUL 22, 2004 Crack Cocaine Distribution Ring Dismantled
JUL 9, 2004 Methbusters makes District-Wide Sweep
JUN 28, 2004 Drug Dealer Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
JUN 10, 2004 State of Oklahoma Places Pseudoephedrine Tablets into Schedule V
MAY 27, 2004 DEA Dallas: Outstanding School Partner
MAY 14, 2004 30 Drug Trafficking Suspects Arrested
APR 23, 2004 Dallas PD Receives $310,047 in Asset-Sharing


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