New York News 2006

DEC 14, 2006 Operation Crystal Apple Nets 6 Arrests for Meth in NY
DEC 12, 2006 12 Members Of Colombo Crime Family Arrested In New York
DEC 5, 2006 DEA NY: 1,000 Lbs of Cocaine Seized, Six Arrested
DEC 4, 2006 Brazilian Delegation Visit the New York Field Division
DEC 1, 2006 Cali Heroin Trafficker Pleads Guilty To Federal Charges
NOV 30, 2006 Meth In The City
NOV 28, 2006 60,000 Glassine Bags of Heroin Seized in Westchester
NOV 28, 2006 Distributor of Pseudoephedrine Tablets Pleads Guilty to Making a False Statement to Drug Enforcement Administration Investigators
NOV 21, 2006 International Money Manager Pleads Guilty to Laundering Drug Proceeds in Government Sting
NOV 16, 2006 Cali Cartel Leaders Plead Guilty To Laundering
NOV 15, 2006 DEA’s New York Division To Promote Meth Awareness
NOV 9, 2006 TIOGA County Cleans Up
OCT 31, 2006 Federal Drug Agents Foundation Honors DEA Administrator and DEA Special Agents
OCT 31, 2006 Federal Law Enforcement Foundation Honors Special Agent Dan Dyer
OCT 31, 2006 NYFD Celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month
OCT 26, 2006 Westchester County Pharmacist Sentenced to Six Years in Federal Prison for Illegally Distributing Hydrocodone
OCT 25, 2006 Governor Pataki Endorses Red Ribbon Week
OCT 19, 2006 DEA Trains Over 100 Local And State Law Enforcement Officers
OCT 18, 2006 26 Arrested in International Drug Bust
OCT 13, 2006 30 Gang Members Arrested and Taken Off the Streets of Arbor Hill, NY
OCT 12, 2006 DEA New York Puts the Karnell Crew Where They Belong
SEP 28, 2006 Game Over: "Operation Triple Play" Wipes Out Ecstasy Ring
SEP 20, 2006 DEA Hosted Methamphetamine Symposium To Educate New Yorkers On The Second Hand Meth Effects
SEP 16, 2006 New York Field Division runs/walks in “Race For The Kids”
SEP 15, 2006 DEA Will Host Methamphetamine Symposium to Educate New Yorkers on the Second Hand Meth Effects
SEP 12, 2006 Attorney General Honors 16 DEA Employees at The Department of Justice’s Annual Awards Ceremony
AUG 23, 2006 Colombian Drug Kingpin Extradicted To The United States
JUL 26, 2006 Operation Somalia Express: Largest Khat Enforcement Ever
JUL 18, 2006 Double-Murderer Sentenced to 45 Years in Federal Prison for Robbery and Drug Slayings
JUL 11, 2006 First Heroin Kingpin Ever Extradicted From Afghanistan Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Heroin Into United States
JUL 10, 2006 South Bronx Drug Gangleaders Sentenced to 23 Years in Federal Prison on Heroin, Crack and Weapons Charges
JUN 29, 2006 Hired Hitman Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Drug Murder
JUN 21, 2006 DEA Arrests Smugglers Hiding Heroin In Sandals, Furniture, Golf Bags, And Condom Swallowers
JUN 15, 2006 16 Additional People Indicted in Large Scale Drug and Money Laundering Case
JUN 15, 2006 International Drug Pipeline Destroyed
JUN 5, 2006 Reggae Music CEO Sentenced To 25 Years For Trafficking in Marijuana
JUN 5, 2006 Federal Jury Convicts Dominican Republic-Based Ecstasy Trafficker of Conspiracies to Distribute and Import Millions of Dollars of Ecstasy Pills
JUN 5, 2006 DEA NY Protects Colin Powell and Attends Heroes Night
JUN 2, 2006 DEA Dismantles 150 Mile Drug Pipeline from New York City to Albany, NY
MAY 31, 2006 Violent Colombian Heroin Kingpin Sentenced to 40 Years in Federal Prison
MAY 23, 2006 SAC Gilbride speaks to the American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement (AAPLE)
MAY 23, 2006 United States Military Pilot And Master Sergeant Plead Guilty To Importing Narcotics On United States Air Force Aircraft
MAY 22, 2006 Russian Delegation visited the New York Field Division
MAY 12, 2006 Drug Task Force Nets 19 Arrests in Montgomery County
MAY 4, 2006 Operation Untouchable Nets 14 Arrests in New York
APR 25, 2006 Major Marijuana Smuggling Organizations Dismantled
APR 12, 2006 NY Drug Organization Indicted for Alleged Kidnapping-Murders
APR 4, 2006 Police Officers and Airline Employee Arrested in Colombia
MAR 30, 2006 Is Nothing Sacred?
MAR 30, 2006 DEA and NYSP Seize $5 million and $210 Kilograms of Cocaine
MAR 22, 2006 United States Charges 50 Leaders Of Narco-Terrorist FARC In Colombia With Supplying More Than Half Of The World's Cocaine
MAR 17, 2006 Manhattan Doctor Sentenced to 20 Years in Federal Prison for Illegally Distributing Prescription Narcotics that Resulted in Death
MAR 16, 2006 U.S. Announces Extradition of Colombian Drug Kingpin Responsible for Importing More Than $100 Million Worth of Narcotics
MAR 10, 2006 Mafia Cops Update: On March 13, 2006 Federal Prosecutors Made Opening Statements in the Government's Case Against Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa
MAR 6, 2006 Rochester, N.Y. Drug Kingpin Extradicted From St. Kitts
MAR 2, 2006 Manhattan Federal Jury Convicts Belizean Drug Trafficker With Ties to Colombian Terrorist Group for Threats to Kill U.S. Agents Abroad and Cocaine Importation
FEB 28, 2006 New York Field Division Celebrates the 30th Annual African American Heritage Celebration
FEB 16, 2006 DEA Cleans Up the Streets to Keep the Kids Safe in Buffalo and Hamburg, NY
FEB 15, 2006 Hitman For Bronx Crack Gang Convicted At Trial
FEB 6, 2006 Bronx Doctor Indicted for Unlawful Distribution of Hydrocodone
FEB 1, 2006 Heroin Traffickers Used Puppies to Smuggle Drugs
JAN 27, 2006 DEA Special Agent-in-Charge John P. Gilbride, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan Announce 20 Arrests in the Takedown of Operation Bronx Tale
JAN 23, 2006 DEA Aids in the Arrest of International Money Manager Accused of Laundering $1 Billion in Illegal Proceeds
JAN 20, 2006 US Convicts Reggae Music CEO of Trafficking in Enormous Quantities of Marijuana
JAN 18, 2006 DEA Takes Over 30 Guns And 200 Kilograms Of Cocaine Off The Streets
JAN 17, 2006 Ecstasy Kingpin Henk Rommy Sentenced In Manhattan
JAN 12, 2006 DEA Announces Arrests of Members of the Pelham Bay Drug Organization in the Bronx, NY
JAN 5, 2006 DEA MET Team Disrupts Methamphetamine Distributors in Upstate New York
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