Caribbean News 2004

 NOV 4, 2004 Caribbean Division Culminates Successful Red Ribbon Week
 NOV 1, 2004 The Bridgetown Barbados Country Office Hosts the 1st Annual Meeting of the Eastern Caribbean Financial Intelligence and Investigation Units in Antigua, West Indies
 OCT 29, 2004 DEA HIDTA Fajardo Task Force Seize $261,285.00 at the Fajardo Municipal Airport
 OCT 29, 2004 Caribbean Division Starts Agressive Recruitment Campaign Aimed at Returning Servicemen
 OCT 25, 2004 Wanted: Information On “The Commission”
 OCT 6, 2004 Joint DEA, FDA, Hacienda, ASSMCA AND PRPD Investigation Results In The Arrest Of Pharmacist Pedro J. Colon – Cardona
 SEP 27, 2004 Multi Agency Investigation In The District Of Puerto Rico Crackdown International Money Laundering And Narcotics Organization
 SEP 20, 2004 Drug Enforcement Administration And Puerto Rico Police Department Seized Over One Million In U.S. Currency
 SEP 4, 2004 Ten Individuals Indicted For Conspracy To Possess With Intent To Distribute Cocaine
 AUG 24, 2004 New York State Fugitive Arrested By Hidta San Juan Agents
 AUG 19, 2004 U.S. Coast Guard Seizes 750 Kilograms of Cocaine Drug Enforcement Administration Arrests Vessel Crewmembers and Initiates Investigation
 JUL 26, 2004 Bridgetown Barbados Country Office Hosts the 11th Annual Drug Commanders Conference in St. Lucia, West Indies
 JUN 23, 2004 Caribbean and South America Drug Lords Indicted
 APR 29, 2004 Joint DEA, FDA, Postal Inspectors, HACIENDA, NIE, and PRPD Investigation Results in the Arrest of Twelve Anabolic Steroids Traffickers
 APR 26, 2004 U.S. Charges 78 in United States, Colombia and Netherlands Antilles in International Narcotics Conspiracy
 MAR 11, 2004 Operation Clear Skies and Operation Dirty Cargo
 MAR 10, 2004 International Drug Trafficker Jose Arismeni Almonte-Peña Arrested in the Dominican Republic
 MAR 4, 2004 Nineteen Individuals Indicted In The District Of Puerto for Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering as a Result of a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Investigation
 FEB 19, 2004 DEA Celebrates Black History Month
Professor Arlene Johnson, J.D., Columbus State University to be Guest Speaker
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