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Community: Leaving something lasting and positive in the communities we serve.

  • After an enforcement operation targeting drug trafficking criminals, there’s an opportunity for a prepared community to take advantage of the “time and space” to prevent the same problems from cropping up again. A key component of the 360 Strategy is the Community Outreach effort designed to maximize all available resources to help communities turn around the recurring problems that have historically allowed the drug and violent crime problems to resurface after enforcement operations.
  • In order to succeed in eradicating this public health crisis, the DEA 360 Strategy campaign aims to change public perception, attitude and behavior among its target audiences. The DEA identified the target audience with a focus on the most impressionable of minds – our youth, and their circle of influence – parents, caregivers and educators. With an overall campaign goal of establishing key partnerships with Community Coalitions, including members of federal, state and local government agencies, DEA 360 Strategy campaign utilizes a comprehensive communication approach with aggressive public messaging through mass media, television, radio, and social media outlets, as well as creating a grassroots movement within each community to empower its citizens to take back their neighborhood and create a safer place for their children.
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