San Francisco News 2005

DEC 8, 2005 32 Arrested and 2,000 Plants Seized in Marijuana Raid
DEC 8, 2005 Multi Agency Effort to Educate Youths on Making Drug-Free Choices
DEC 5, 2005 Operation Durex Nets, 4 Arrests, 65 Kilograms Of Cocaine, Counterfeit Money And Weapons
NOV 18, 2005 Operation Sweet Tooth Nets Arrests from Bay Area Ecstasy Investigation
NOV 18, 2005 Operation Sweet Tooth Nets Two Local Arrests and Seizure of Marijuana and US Currency 2 individuals charged with Conspiracy with Intent to Distribute Ecstasy and Marijuana
NOV 1, 2005 Marijuana, Meth, Weapons And US Currency Seized Four Arrested
OCT 21, 2005 Cocaine Smugglers Endure Record Losses in 2005 from Persistant Law Enforcement Scrutiny
OCT 3, 2005 20th Anniversary of Red Ribbon Campaign
SEP 8, 2005 News Release
SEP 8, 2005 44 Arrested in Joint Federal and Local Police Action in East Palo Alto
AUG 22, 2005 Seizure of Five Kilograms of Cocaine
AUG 18, 2005 Castroville Man Arrested With "ICE" Methamphetamine And A Loaded Shotgun
AUG 3, 2005 "Looking Through the Smokescreen"
JUL 25, 2005 DEA and Kern County Sheriff’s Department Seize Over 2,000 Marijuana Plants in Raids
JUL 7, 2005 DEA Seizes Approximately 800 Marijuana Plants, Weapons in Sacramento Raid
JUN 24, 2005 15 Arrested, 9,000 Marijuana Plants Worth 5 Million Seized In Raid
JUN 22, 2005 Lawyer and Doctor Charged in Federal Court with Marijuana Distribution Conspiracy
JUN 13, 2005 Assistant District Attorney Charged with Accepting Drugs in Return for His Official Acts in a Felony Drug Case
JUN 9, 2005 Seizure of 23 lbs of Ice Methamphetamine
MAY 19, 2005 Seizure of 7 lbs of Ice Methamphetamine
MAY 2, 2005 Seizure of 27 lbs of Methamphetamine
APR 7, 2005 San Francisco Field Division SAC Javier Pena Meets Senator Dianne Feinstein
MAR 22, 2005 Operators of Chemical Supply Company Convicted in Scheme to Distribute Chemicals Used to Manufacture Methamphetamine
MAR 21, 2005 Stockton Investigation Nets High-Level Narcotics Organization
MAR 14, 2005 Cocaine Trafficker Sentenced to 32 Years in Federal Prison
MAR 10, 2005 DEA Expands Into North State
MAR 08, 2005 Culture Clash between homebuyers, drug dealers
FEB 28, 2005 DEA and the Bakersfield Police Department announce the arrest of 8 suspected drug traffickers
FEB 17, 2005 DEA Special Agent in Charge Javier F. Pena announces the arrest and initial appearance of Charles "Eddy" Lepp
FEB 17, 2005 Oak Park Drug Bust Nets 58 Suspects
FEB 14, 2005 Neighborhood Crack Cocaine Dealers Are Targets Of Joint Police And Federal Crack-Down
FEB 2, 2005 Seizure of 845 plants of marijuana and a loaded shotgun
JAN 31, 2005 DEA seizes over 4 lbs of crystal methamphetamine in the Bakersfield area.
JAN 28, 2005 Ralph A. Goodner sentenced to 41 months in federal prison for marijuana trafficking
JAN 15, 2005 Five Arrests For 'Smorgasbord Of Drugs'
JAN 14, 2005 Local Drug Ring Facing Federal Charges
JAN 9, 2005 Hunting Kingpins
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