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Drug Enforcement Administration

New England

Brian D. Boyle , Special Agent in Charge

December 01, 2020

Contact: SA Timothy Desmond

Phone Number: (617) 557-2100

DEA Announces 360 Strategy to address substance use disorder, Fentanyl, Heroin, Presciption Misuse, and Violent Crime in Maine

PORTLAND, ME – DEA New England Division Special Agent in Charge Brian D. Boyle announced today that Maine will be the 19th site where DEA will implement its comprehensive DEA 360 Strategy initiative to address prescription misuse, poly substance misuse and violent crime. 

DEA 360 Strategy is a comprehensive three pronged approach that includes law enforcement coordination, diversion control and community outreach.  The goal is to provide lasting impact in the local communities by partnering with other government agencies, local community organizations, Drug Free Coalitions and law enforcement. DEA 360 will engage local organizations and coalitions and work together with educators, parents/caregivers, community leaders  and youths to reduce prescription misuse, increase drug awareness and expand prevention efforts, and eliminate associated drug trafficking and gangs fueling violence.

“The opioid epidemic is ravaging Maine communities, so we must continue to find new and innovative ways to address the growing misuse of fentanyl, heroin and prescription drugs, and the violence that stems from these illicit drug trades,” said Special Agent in Charge Boyle. “The 360 strategy brings many agencies and community groups who have engaged in prevention efforts separately, into a unifying, far-reaching and prolonged effort to go after the drug trafficking organizations but also to make the communities resilient to their return.”

The 360 Strategy brings together many experts in substance use disorder and prevention to address four key groups by engaging in dialogue, providing information and free resources to educate young people about the consequences of drug misuse:

• Parents/caregivers in the home

• Educators and the classroom

• After school organizations such as the Boy and Girl Clubs, Parks & Recreation and athletic associations

• The workplace 

“The community outreach aspect may be the most important and critical to its indelible success,” Boyle said. “We have to vigorously continue to work on the most effective ways to talk about these programs in ways we’ve never done before in order to stop abuse, addiction and to save lives.”

Ultimately, DEA 360 will help empower Maine communities to be part of the solution, and give hope to young people and enable them to make better choices for a healthier and happier life.

In the future, DEA and its partners also plan to host multi-day summits to bring community leaders together to identify sustainable, impactful efforts to address drug misuse, substance use disorder, trafficking and the violence that accompanies it. DEA will also collaborate with organizations and coalitions throughout Maine to expand educational training opportunities on substance use, misuse and prevention.  Partners will include the Maine Drug Free Community Coalitions, Maine CDC, University of New England - College of Pharmacy, Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices, CADCA, Maine Elks Association, New England PTTC and AdCare, the Governor’s Office of Opioid Response, and many others.

Any questions regarding DEA 360 Strategy in Maine can be directed to RAC Michael Wardrop at Michael.W.Wardrop@usdoj.gov or DEA Contractor, Community Outreach Specialist Eriko Farnsworth at 617-913-2854, Eriko.S.Farnsworth@usdoj.gov

Become a part of the campaign by visiting us on www.WakeUp-MAINE.com and follow us on Twitter @DEANewEngland.



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