New York News 2005

DEC 29, 2005 Every Year DEA Kicks in the Doors at a Local Shelter and Delivers Gifts
DEC 20, 2005 New York Field Division celebrates the holidays while the MTA was on Strike
DEC 15, 2005 Operation Greenlight Cleans Up Co-Op City, Bronx, NY
DEC 14, 2005 JOHN P. GILBRIDE, Special Agent-in-Charge accepts a check from Anthony P. Valenti, National Treasurer, Federal Criminal Investigators’ Association Endowment Fund (FCIA)
DEC 8, 2005 United States Files Forfeiture Complaint Against Greenpoint Hotel
DEC 7, 2005 DEA Not Joking Around, Arrests 12 Members of the "Cartoon Network" Drug Ring
DEC 5, 2005 DEA Transfers Property Back to the People of Syracuse, New York
NOV 30, 2005 DEA Seizes Heroin-Laced Artwork
NOV 28, 2005 Russian Federation Director of the Federal Drug Control Service, Viktor Vasilyevich Cherkesov visited the New York Field Division
NOV 21, 2005 The New York Drug Enforcement Task Force and The Santo Domingo Resident Office Extradite Dominican Republic Colonel Charged with Transporting More Than 3,000 Pounds of Cocaine Destined for United States
OCT 27, 2005 Federal Law Enforcment Foundation Honors Special Agent Patrick Hamlette
OCT 27, 2005 Empire State Building Illuminated Red in Honor of Red Ribbon Week
OCT 24, 2005 U.S. Extradites Taliban-Linked Narco-Terrorist
OCT 6, 2005 U.S. Attorney Announces Historic Extradition of Cocaine Kingpin and 4 Criminal Associates from Curacao to New York
OCT 5, 2005 United States Extradites Former Colombian Colonel Responsible For Smuggling $10 Million Worth Of Heroin From Bogota To The United States
OCT 5, 2005 Millions Of Dollars In Seized Assets Distributed To New York State/ Local Law Enforcement And Prosecuters
OCT 3, 2005 Federal Jury Convicts Ecstasy Kingpin of Conspiracy To Import More Than $20 Million Worth Of Ecstasy From the Netherlands To The United States
OCT 3, 2005 Twenty-Two Members of Two Colombian Drugtrafficking Organizations Charged with Conspiring to Import Massive Quantities of Narcotics Through Seaports in New York and California
SEP 22, 2005 $500,000.00 in Forfeited United States Currency Distributed to Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement
SEP 7, 2005 Albany District Office Dedicated to the Memory of New York State Police Investigator Joseph T. Aversa
AUG 25, 2005 U.S. Announces Takedown of International Hashish Smuggling Ring that Imported More Than $10 Million Worth of Hashish into the United States
AUG 25, 2005 Former Lehman Brothers Broker Pleads Guilty In U.S. Court To Laundering $11 Million For Fugitive Mexican Governor
AUG 18, 2005 New York OCDETF Strike Force Smashes International Heroin Ring In The Bronx
JUN 16, 2005 United States Announces Dismantling of Massive Colombian Drug-Trafficking and Money-Laundering Ring
JUN 9, 2005 U.S. Requesting Extradition of Alleged Leader of a Colombian Narc-Terrorist Organization
JUN 8, 2005 Federal Drug Agents Foundation Donates $1,000 to Widow of Columbian National Police Officer
MAY 24, 2005 Susan Wagner students plant a garden in honor of a fallen Drug Enforcement Administration agent
MAY 6, 2005 Governor: Operation Impact Fights Crime in Rockland
MAY 4, 2005 Joint United States and Colombia Initiative Dismantles International Drug Organization
APR 25, 2005 U.S. Arrests Afghan Drug Kingpin Aligned with the Taliban and Charges Him with Importing Over $50 Million in Heroin
APR 21, 2005 U.S. Charges Bronx Bodybuilder with Anabolic Steroid Distribution
APR 21, 2005 Bronx Pharmacist Charged by U.S. with Unlawful Distribution of Anabolic Steroids
APR 20, 2005 Three Individuals And SA. Charged With Operating Dozens Of Illegal International Internet Pharmaceutical Websites
APR 18, 2005 DEA New York Participates In U.S. Marshals “Operation Falcon”Breaks All Records For Fugitive Arrests
APR 18, 2005 United States Military Pilot and Master Sergeant Charged With Importing Narcotics on United States Air Force Aircraft
MAR 28, 2005 Over 8 Million Dollars In Drug Proceeds From Hazan Organization Distributed In Equitable Sharing Ceremony Eastern District Of New York
MAR 24, 2005 Five Charged with Operating Marijuana Cultivation "Farms" Near Public and Private Elementary Schools in New York
MAR 15, 2005 Extradited Colombian Heroin Kingpin Pleads Guilty in Federal Court
MAR 10, 2005 Two Former NYPD Detectives Who Secretly Worked as Mafia Associates Indicted for Racketeering
FEB 18, 2005 Thirty-Seven Individuals Arrested for Dealing Drugs in Long Island City Queensbridge Public Housing Development
JAN 24, 2005 Eight High-Ranking Leaders Of Southeast Asia's Largest Narcotics Trafficking Organization Indicted By A Federal Grand Jury In Brooklyn, New York
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