Chicago News 2008

December 19, 2008 Evansville Crack Dealer Sentenced to Life
December 16, 2008 St. Paul Man Sentenced for Distribution of Methamphetamine
December 12, 2008 Methamphetamine Organization Dismantled in Southern Indiana
December 12, 2008 Distribution of Crack Cocaine and “Killer Heroin” Equals Life in Prison For St. Paul Resident
November 17, 2008 Indianapolis Doctor Charged with Unlawfully Dispensing Oxycodone Gets 6 Years in Prison
October 9, 2008 Oak Grove Man Sentenced for Distributing Methamphetamine 
September 30, 2008 11 Alleged Members of Juarez Drug Cartel Arrested in Chicago Investigation
September 26, 2008 St Paul Man Pleads Guilty to Distribution of Methamphetamine
September 17, 2008 Evansville Cocaine Dealer Sentenced 25 Years in Federal Prison
August 6, 2008 St. Paul Man Federally Indicted on Methamphetamine Distribution Charges
July 16, 2008 Heroin Drug Conspiracy Allegedly Tied to Five Drug Deaths in Milwaukee Area
July 7, 2008 Man Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Distribute Cocaine In Southern Minnesota
June 26, 2008 34 Arrested in Northwest Indiana Alleged Methamphetamine Distribution Ring
June 26, 2008 12 Arrested In Alleged Wisconsin Cocaine Conspiracy 4 Defendants Remain at Large
June 6, 2008 Compromised DEA Investigation Leads to Sentencing of Former Police Officer
May 13, 2008 Indiana Meth Trafficker Sentenced
May 13, 2008 Two Minnesota Residents Sentenced for Distributing Meth
April 23, 2008 4 Arrested, $350K Seized During Indiana Drug Raid
April 23, 2008 America’s Most Wanted Fugitive Faces Federal Cocaine and Gun Charges
April 14, 2008 Heartland Dental To Pay $3 Million In Civil Settlement
April 14, 2008 Indoor Marijuana Grow Organization Disrupted
April 11, 2008 Former DEA Administrator Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
March 28, 2008 Indianapolis Man Sentenced For Methamphetamine Trafficking
March 25, 2008 Indiana Doctor Charged with Unlawful Dispensing of Oxycodone
March 14, 2008 Two Western Indiana Men Plead Guilty To Methamphetamine Trafficking
February 28, 2008 Joint Law Enforcement Effort Results In Federal Prison Time For Central Illinois Drug Dealers
February 14, 2008 Indoor Marijuana Grow Yields 1000 Plants In Minnesota
January 28, 2008 High End Vehicles Seized from Alleged Crack Cocaine Organization
January 24, 2008 Southern Indiana Poly-Drug Organization Dismantled
January 24, 2008 Five Alleged Members of Minneapolis Area Drug Trafficking Operation
January 23, 2008 Combined Law Enforcement Effort Results in Seizure of 50 Kilograms Cocaine
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