San Francisco News 2008

December 16, 2008 Indictment Unsealed for Fresno Drug Dealer
December 2, 2008 Ten Indicted on Drug Trafficking and Government Employee Corruption Charges
December 1, 2008 California Pharmacy Issued Immediate Suspension Order
November 25, 2008 Redding Man Sentenced to Over 19 Years for Methamphetamine Trafficking
November 24, 2008 Modesto Marijuana Collective Owners Sentenced for Conducting a Continuing Criminal Enterprise
November 21, 2008 Sacramento Gang Member Sentenced to Over 15 Years in Prison
November 20, 2008 Drug Trafficking Organization Utilizing Sophisticated Smuggling Techniques Dismantled
November 18, 2008 Press Conference Announcing Record Breaking Statewide Marijuana Seizures in 2008
October 24, 2008 Red Ribbon Rally @ Historical Palace of Fine Arts "Step It Up - A Call To Action"
October 22, 2008 Caruthers Resident Sentenced to 14 Years for Meth Conspiracy
October 14, 2008 California Red Ribbon Coalition Kick-off Celebration
October 7, 2008 Northern County Man Sentenced Over 24 Years Prison for Role in Meth Conspiracy
October 6, 2008 Pharmacy Owner Arrested For Filling Fraudulent Prescriptions
September 3, 2008 Lake County Man Convicted of Conspiracy and Cultivation of more than 24,000 Marijuana Plants
September 2, 2008 Dos Rios Public Housing Drug Dealers Sentenced to Prison
August 14, 2008 Mexico Extradites Alleged Drug Trafficker to Fresno
August 12, 2008 DEA Agent Impersonator Agrees to 2 Year Prison Term
August 6, 2008 Oak Park Crack Dealer Sentenced to 25 Years in Federal Prison
August 1, 2008 Two Physicians Plead Guilty in International Internet Pharmacy Conspiracy
July 23, 2008 Former Proprietor of Roseville Marijuana Business Sentenced to 51 Months in Prison
July 21, 2008 Two Large-Scale Grows Uncovered in Central Valley Marijuana Eradication Effort
June 30, 2008 Modesto Football Coach Indicted for Cocaine Trafficking
June 26, 2008 $898,000 Seized from Bakersfield Drug Bust
May 16, 2008 Modesto Marijuana Collective Owners Convicted
May 15, 2008 Fake DEA Agent Nabbed
May 7, 2008 Operator of a Roseville Marijuana Dispensary Pleads Guilty to Drug Conspiracy and Money Laundering  
April 29, 2008 Modesto Man Gets 20 Years in Prison for Using Children in a Drug Enterprise  
April 28, 2008 Nearly $1 Million Seized In Methamphetamine Distribution Operation; 14 Arrested
April 28, 2008 Bakersfield Pot Dispensary Owner Sent to Prison  
April 10, 2008 Southern California Doctor and Two Others Charged with Anabolic Steroid and Human Growth Hormone Distribution  
April 2, 2008 29 Lbs “Ice” Methamphetamine Seized From Local Trucking Company; 4 Arrested 
March 20, 2008 California Doctor-Lawyer Couple Get Five Years For Growing and Selling Marijuana
March 10, 2008 Designer Cocaine-Candy Flavored Drug Seized in Undercover Investigation
March 4, 2008 Guilty Plea in One of the Largest Seizures of Crack Cocaine in Sacramento History
March 4, 2008 Bakersfield Marijuana Distribution Center Owner Pleads Guilty
February 13, 2008 Oak Park Crack Dealer Convicted
February 7, 2008 Undercover Purchases Of Prescription Medication Leads To 3 Arrests
February 6, 2008 Joshua Hedlund Convicted For Berkeley Marijuana Grow
January 8, 2008 Alleged Money Launderer From Iceland Appears In New Jersey On California Indictment
January 3, 2008 South Lake Tahoe Couple Indicted For Marijuana Manufacture   
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