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October 15, 2015

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61 Latin Kings Gang Members And Associates Arrested And Charged In Connection With A Racketeering And Drug Distribution Scheme Defendants Were Affiliated With The Austin, San Antonio And Uvalde Chapters Of The Gang’s Central Region Of Texas

SAN ANTONIO, Texas) - Pete Perez, the Texas-Central Region “Inca,” or leader, of the Almighty Latin King and Queen (Latin Kings), and 60 of his fellow members and associates are in custody facing federal and/or state charges for their roles in a racketeering and drug distribution scheme in the Austin, San Antonio and Uvalde areas.

As a result of this investigation, federal grand juries sitting in Del Rio and San Antonio have indicted 37 individuals. A state grand jury sitting in Uvalde County has indicted 28 individuals. Of those charged, 46 were arrested yesterday, 15 were arrested prior to yesterday, and four individuals remain fugitives.

That announcement was made today by United States Attorney Richard L. Durbin, Jr.; Uvalde County/38th Judicial District Attorney Daniel J. Kindred; Acting Special Agent in Charge Mark Dawson, Homeland Security Investigations in San Antonio; Christopher Combs, Federal Bureau of Investigation in San Antonio; Special Agent in Charge Joseph M. Arabit, Drug Enforcement Administration in Houston; Director Steven McCraw, Texas Department of Public Safety; and, Uvalde Police Chief Eric Herrera.

According to the federal grand jury indictments, the defendants have operated a criminal enterprise in Central Texas since 2005. Under the leadership of Texas-Central Region “Inca” Pete Perez in Austin, San Antonio Chapter “Inca” Joe Pierce, and Uvalde Chapter “Incas” James Long and Jacob Mariscal, they have conspired to carry out unlawful acts including attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, extortion, robbery, various firearms offenses and drug distribution involving marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. The Racketeering Influenced Corrupt (RICO) indictment alleges that ten attempted murders, approximately ten assaults and various other acts of violence were committed as a result of a prospect initiation, leaking of sensitive information to a non-Latin King member, breaking an organizational rule, retaliation against rival gang members, and for unpaid drug distribution debts.

A complete list of those charged by federal indictment is below.

Upon conviction, the defendants facing federal charges are subject to imprisonment of up to life.

It is important to note that an indictment is merely a charge and should not be considered as evidence of - guilt. The defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. -

This case resulted from an investigation conducted by Homeland Security (HSI), the Federal Bureau of (FBI), Drug Enforcement (DEA), Texas Department of Public (DPS), and the Uvalde Police Department. Agencies assisting with today’s arrests include the United States Marshals Service, Lonestar Fugitive Task Force, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air& Marine Division, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and (ATF), Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office, Sabinal Police Department, Austin Police Department and San Antonio Police Department.

U.S. v. PETE PEREZ, et al - Case # DR15cr1211 -
Charges: Conspiracy to violate RICO (Count 1)
Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute (Count 2)
Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute (Count 3)
** Previously in custody
Name Age Residence Count(s) -
Pete (aka “Jerry” “Xkape”) 36 Austin 1, 3
Michael Ray (aka “Fez) 35 Austin 1, 3
Billy (aka “Rascal”) 34 San Antonio 1, 2, 3
James Marty (aka Whiteboy”, “Jimmy”) 40 Uvalde 1
Marco Antonio (aka “Cartel”) 32 Uvalde 1, 2, 3
Adrian (aka “Trouble”) 23 Uvalde 1
Joe (aka “Dro”) 32 San Antonio 1, 2
Jorge (aka “Fat Rat”, “G”) 34 Uvalde 1, 2
**Edmundo (aka “Dox”) 29 San Antonio 1
**Gregory (aka “Chaotic”) 26 Uvalde 1, 2
**Rodolfo (aka “Pun”) 30 Uvalde 1
Crystal (aka “Shorty”) 30 San Antonio 1, 2
Jacob (aka “Righteous”) 31 Uvalde 1
**Michael Anthony (aka “Chip”) 28 Uvalde 1, 2
Jake (aka “Thug”) 24 Uvalde 1, 2
Jose (aka “Creeper”) 30 Uvalde 1, 3
John Andrew (aka “Chuco”) 20 Uvalde 1, 2
**Abram (aka “Tank”) 24 Uvalde 1, 2
Esmerejildo (aka “Hildo”) 23 Uvalde 1, 2
George Anthony (aka “Tone”) 23 Uvalde 1, 2
Alfredo (aka “Goofy”) 21 Uvalde 1, 2
Gonzalo (aka “Too Short”) 31 San Antonio 1
**Manuel Rosario-(aka “Yayo”) 21 Live Oak, TX 1

U.S. v. OMAR BARAJAS, et al - Case # DR15cr1212 -
Charges: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute (Count 1)
Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute (Count 2)
** Previously in custody; *** Fugitive
Name Age Residence Count(s) -
Omar (aka “Chamo” “Abby”) 35 Houston 1, 2
**Bryan (aka “Doughboy”) 36 Houston 1
Miguel (aka “Lucky”) 29 San Antonio 1
Albert Guadalupe (aka “Rantick”) 33 Austin 1, 2
***Andrew (aka “Drew”) 32 San Antonio 1
Nathan Wayne (aka “Nate”, “Indian”) 40 San Antonio 1
***Ian Jon (aka “Indio”) 41 San Antonio 1
Samantha Nicole Houston Goodale 27 San Antonio 1
***Matthew James (aka “Matt”) 35 San Antonio 1
Angelica (aka “Angel”) 32 San Antonio 1

U.S. v. MARKOZ LUNA, et al - Case # SA15cr636 -
Charges: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute (Count 1)
Possession with Intent to Distribute Controlled (Counts 2-6)
Name Age Residence Count(s -
Markoz (aka “Mark”, “King Dark”) 32 San Antonio 1-5
Michael Lara 32 San Antonio 1, 2
Gisela Cisneros 36 San Antonio 1, 2
Alfredo Lopez 36 San Antonio 1, 3

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