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January 21, 2014

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Alabama Assistant U.S. Attorneys Receive Award From The Drug Enforcement Administration

JAN 21 (MONTGOMERY, Ala.) - The Drug Enforcement Administration awarded Assistant U. S. Attorneys Verne Speirs and Gray Borden the Spartan Award, announced George L. Beck, Jr., United States Attorney Middle District of Alabama.  The Spartan award recognizes prosecutors for their dedication and extraordinary effort to investigate and prosecute large-scale drug dealers and money launderers.

This year’s award is presented to Assistant U.S. Attorneys Speirs and Borden because of long hours invested and success obtained in combating the ever-growing scourge of drug dealing in the Middle District of Alabama.  DEA chose Speirs and Borden for this award after examining the work of all federal prosecutors in the State of Alabama. 

“The DEA in Alabama was pleased to present the 2013 Spartan Award for Excellence in Drug Investigations to AUSA’s Speirs and Borden,” stated Clay Morris, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of DEA in Alabama.  “The award was named after the Spartan Warrior Society.  AUSA’s Speirs and Borden were selected by DEA management to receive the award because they exhibited many traits of a Spartan Warrior: a relentless pursuit of justice, tenacity, loyalty and dedication.  Throughout 2013, AUSA’s Speirs and Borden tirelessly worked alongside our agents and task force officers in many long term complex investigations.  Because of the dedication of AUSA’s Speirs and Borden, many drug trafficking organizations were completely dismantled and dangerous criminals were removed from the streets of our communities.  I cannot say enough about the outstanding efforts of AUSA’s Speirs and Borden and the entire staff of the Unites States Attorney’s Office.  One thing is certain, as long as AUSA’s Speirs and Borden are prosecuting drug trafficking organizations, those who target and sell poison to our children should be very afraid.” 

“I am very pleased that the extraordinary success of AUSAs Speirs and Borden are receiving the recognition they truly deserve,” stated U.S. Attorney George Beck, “They have worked tirelessly to prosecute these criminals.  I believe it is essential that these types of crimes be vigorously prosecuted and that we continue to combat the drug problem facing this district and this nation.”

“I am truly humbled to receive this award, but the real credit goes to the DEA Agents and Task Force Officers who risk everything to combat drug traffickers across this country,” stated Verne Speirs, Assistant U.S. Attorney.  “The safety of our families and communities depend upon their selfless service.”

“I consider this award to be one of the great achievements in my career in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, but the credit goes to our dedicated and professional staff and the DEA’s stable of tireless agents,” stated Gray Borden, Assistant U.S. Attorney.  “I am proud to be associated with a team of this caliber.”

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