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December 06, 2013

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Wasilla Conspiracy Leader Sentenced For Designer Drug Case Which Resulted In Death

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Robin Gattis, the leader of a drug conspiracy involving seven South-central Alaska residents was sentenced on December 5, 2013, to 16 years in federal prison. Gattis and the six other co-conspirators were involved in the importation and distribution of Methylone, a Schedule I controlled substance sold as "Molly", a synthetic drug similar to (a/k/a "ecstasy"). 

"By the defendant's own admission, he engaged in the trafficking of Methylone for a living and as a result a terrible and senseless tragedy has occurred," said DEA Special Agent in Charge Matthew G. Barnes. "Synthetic drugs are insidious substances that are manufactured in clandestine laboratories and marketed to our youth all in the name of greed. We are grateful to our partners, Homeland Security Investigations, Anchorage Police Department, Alaska State Troopers, U.S. Postal Service and the United States Attorney's Office for their persistence and dedication in obtaining justice."

Gattis, 20, of Wasilla, Alaska, pled guilty in August 2013 to drug conspiracy, admitting that he imported approximately three kilograms of Methylone between October 2011 and July 2012 and distributed it in Alaska. In a plea agreement filed with the court, Gattis admitted that he was the leader and organizer of the conspiracy, that he directly imported the drugs from China, and that he repeatedly wired money to China or directed others to do so in order to pay for drugs. He also admitted that he engaged in drug dealing as a livelihood, that he knowingly used persons under age 18 to assist in the crime, that he distributed the drugs to persons under 18, and that he distributed Methylone to Matt Scott, who died of a Methylone overdose in April 2012 in Anchorage.

The six other co-conspirators have previously pled guilty to federal drug charges stemming from a conspiracy to possess and distribute methylone. Two have been sentenced, and four are awaiting sentencing.

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