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January 23, 2013

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DEA And Chicago Heights Police Department Make Arrests, Seize Weapons And Drugs

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. - The Drug Enforcement (DEA), working closely with the Chicago Heights Police Department, arrested 3 individuals last Friday, and seized 3.5 kilograms of cocaine, ½ kilogram of heroin, a Romanian made AK-47 assault rifle, a Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistol and a 2004, Nissan 350 Z convertible, with a sophisticated electronically controlled hidden (trap) located in the back seat speakers.  The charges were announced today by Jack Riley, Special Agent in Charge of Chicago Field Division, of the Drug Enforcement Administration and Charles Guiliani, Chief of Police for the Chicago Heights Police Department. 

“Reducing violence in our communities is a priority for the Drug Enforcement Administration and weapons like the ones seized here serve only one purpose, to perpetrate violence.” said SAC Riley.  “Narcotic trafficking and violence go hand in hand.  Communities where drugs are rampant are sure to have a higher rate of violence and that is unacceptable,” he added.

Since April 2012, members of Drug Enforcement (DEA), together with members of the Chicago Heights Police (CHPD) - Narcotics and Gang Section, have targeted Raul Rangel-(aka Antonio Lopez), a cocaine trafficker and convicted felon living in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

The investigation subsequently revealed that Rangel-Dominguez was involved in a drug transaction of three kilograms of cocaine between his source of supply, an individual identified as Juan Serrano, Jr. and others.  A price of $35,500 per kilogram or a total of $106,500 for all three kilograms was agreed upon and Rangel-Dominguez negotiated a commission $500 per kilogram, for himself.

On Friday, January 4, 2013, investigators watched as Rangel-Dominguez and Serrano met, at 405 W. 15th St., Chicago Heights, IL.  Agents/officers subsequently detained Rangel-Dominguez, Serrano and Juvencio J. Rangel, who is Rangel-Dominguez’ uncle, and obtained a State of Illinois search warrant for Serrano’s vehicle, a grey, 2004, Nissan 350Z convertible.  The vehicle was found to contain a sophisticated electronically controlled hidden (trap) located in the back seat speakers.  Inside the compartment, investigators recovered approximately three and a half kilograms of cocaine, each of which contained the marking: “F.G.”, one pound of heroin, and a Desert Eagle, .50 caliber, semi-automatic pistol.

Searches of Serrano’s properties also led to the recovery of a Romanian made AK-47 assault rifle with a 100-round drum magazine and three kilograms of an undetermined white powder.

This case will be prosecuted by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.  Rangel-Dominguez was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine, a Class X Felony.  Serrano was approved for the following charges: Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine, a Class X Felony; Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin, a Class X Felony; Armed Violence, a Class X Felony; Unlawful Use of a Weapon by a Felon for the pistol, a Class II Felony; and Unlawful Use of a Weapon by a Felon for the AK-47 rifle, a Class II Felony.

Serrano faces a minimum mandatory term of incarceration of nine years, for the armed violence charge.

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