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February 18, 2004

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Virginia Motorcycle Dealership Seized In Methamphetamine Bust

The Glen LILLY Drug Trafficking Organization was responsible for the distribution of multi-pounds of methamphetamine throughout the Bristol Virginia Area. The methamphetamine was sourced from Mexico, transported through Los Angeles, to the Atlanta, Georgia area, and was then transported to the LILLY DEALERSHIP in Abingdon, Virginia. Proceeds from the sales were laundered through the dealership and then transported back to the Atlanta area. This organization made extensive use of cellular telephones and pagers, many of which were changed frequently, to facilitate the trafficking of methamphetamine and to curtail law enforcement investigations. This investigation also led to the Georgia Post of Duty investigation, identifying additional members of this organization. The sharing of intelligence between the Bristol Virginia DEA Post of Duty and the DEA Rome Post of Duty contributed significantly to this investigation.

Since the inception of this investigation, the Bristol Virginia DEA Post of Duty, BATE, IRS, Virginia State Police, Russell County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office working in conjunction with the DEA Rome Georgia Post of Duty, have arrested the following individuals and seized the following assets:

  • Arrested fifteen major distributors of this organization that are based in the Abingdon, VA and 
    Atlanta, GA area
  • Seized a motorcycle DEALERSHIP in Abingdon, VA
  • Seized numerous bank accounts
  • Seized approximately six pounds of methamphetamine
  • Seized over 50 firearms from the dealership and the residence
  • $546,881.00 dollars in assets have been seized

On July 31, 2002, local, state and federal agencies, executed a federal search warrant at the Lilly motorcycle dealership in Abingdon, VA. Agents and officers seized over two-pounds of methamphetamine, nine firearms, and approximately thirty-five thousand dollars cash. Agents and officers arrested Guy Glen LILLY, Lisa LILLY, and Tracy CALLIHAN for the conspiracy to distribute over 500 grams of methamphetamine and federal firearms charges.

On August 02, 2002, agents and officers arrested Jason LOWE, Timothy KIMBELL, and Donald HARRIS after they delivered approximately two pounds of methamphetamine to the Lilly place of business. According to investigative intelligence, this organization has been distributing methamphetamine throughout the Atlanta and Virginia areas several years.

On August 02, 2002, Agents with the DEA Bristol Virginia office working in conjunction with Agents in the DEA Rome, Georgia office arrested Gonzalo BETANCOURT and Samuel FLORES, sources of supply to Jason LOWE, in Cartersville, Georgia. Agents also recovered two pounds of methamphetamine.

On August 02, 2002, agents also executed a search warrant at the residence of Terry W. LOWE, brother of Jason LOWE, in Cartersville, Georgia, and seized two pounds of methamphetamine.

Currently, Glen LILLY, Lisa LILLY and Tracy CALLIHAN have pled guilty and have been sentenced to prison terms. Jason LOWE, Timothy KIMBELL and Donald HARRIS have also pled guilty and have been sentenced to prison terms. The majority of the members of this organization has pled guilty and has been sentenced to prison.

The Lilly Harley-Davidson dealership was forfeited to the government and a cash award in the sum of $546,881.00 will be awarded to members of the DEA, IRS, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Russell County Sheriff’s Office, and the Virginia State Police.

This investigation is yet another example of great cooperative work with Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies

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