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Drug Enforcement Administration

Washington, DC

Jarod A. Forget, Special Agent in Charge

August 01, 2003

Contact: Public Information Officer

Phone Number: (202) 305-8426

Local Drug Arrests International Drug Nexus

AUG 1-The DEA-lead investigation dubbed Operation Trifecta began in January 2002 after a seizure of 9,291 kilograms of cocaine from a Mexican fishing vessel in December 1991. It was a multi-jurisdictional investigation that targeted the Ismael Zambada-Garcia Organization, which is one of the largest and most-powerful trafficking organizations in Mexico. The scope of Zambada-Garcia's influence in Mexico is ledgendary and spans nearly thirty years. The Zambada-Garcia Organization is aligned with almost every known drug trafficking organization in Mexico.

Yesterday, as part of that investigation, several local defendants were arrested after being charged via criminal complaints issued by the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, charging Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine. Defendant Eddie J. Martin was previously arrested on July 12, 2003, in Hyattsville, Maryland during a traffic stop, at which time agents seized $210,000.00 in drug proceeds, crack and powder cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. Khayri Matin (aka Frederick Poindexter) was arrested yesterday in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, where a loaded .357 magnum revolver was found. Matin was also wanted on a 1997 fugitive warrant from Dayton, Ohio. Kevin Abney was arrested in Northwest Washington, D.C. All arrests were made without incident. Additionally, five other defendants-Julian Rozuk, Anthony Williams, Samuel Zambada, Donald Eugene Rolison, and Oscar Vera-were arrested in California as a result of the Criminal Complaints in the Eastern District of Virginia.

The Special Agent-in-Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Washington Division Office, Mr. R.C. Gamble stated, "This investigation exemplifies how concerted efforts among law enforcement agencies and prosecutorial districts can make the difference, not just locally but globally. The DEA worked locally with the Prince George's County Police Narcotics Enforcement Division and the Prince George's County SWAT Team, the Metropolitan Police Department's Major Narcotics Division, and the Metropolitan Police Department's 3rd District". The Group Supervisor for Group 32, Special Agent John Walsh stated "this group is a task force "border initiative". Our mission is to identify and apprehend those traffickers who travel throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area, oftentimes in an effort to elude local law enforcement, capitalizing on state and county boundaries. This border initiative group is not bound by jurisdictional lines". 

Operation Trifecta has brought about unprecedented cooperation and information sharing between the countries of Colombia, Mexico and the United States. Operation Trifecta encompassed eighty-four investigations with ninety-eight search warrants. There have been one-hundred and seventy- three arrests with another one-hundred and seventy-six anticipated. Operation Trifecta involved sixty-two State and Local law enforcement organizations and seven federal agencies.


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