Phoenix News 2010

December 15, 2010 Fugitive Extradited From Mexico to Face Trial
November 26, 2010 Terry Goddard Announces Indictments and Breakup of Major Meth Ring
November 24, 2010 Tribal-led Taks Force Dismantles Meth Ring on Tohono O'odham Nation
November 18, 2010 A Seizure of Over $1.8 Million Dismantles a Drug Trafficking Organization
November 16, 2010 Defendant Sentenced for Selling Meth on AK-Chin Indian Reservation
November 5, 2010 Five Armed Meth Dealers Sentenced to 107 Years in Prison
November 3, 2010 Federal-Tribal Takedown of Drug Operation on Colorado River Indian Tribes Community
October 25, 2010 DEA Kicks-Off Red Ribbon Campaign
October 25, 2010 Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Drug Trafficking and Firearm Possession
October 21, 2010 DEA Kicks-Off Red Ribbon Campaign
October 20, 2010 Tucson Man Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Supplying Over 10 Tons of Marijuana to a Drug Trafficking Organization
September 29, 2010 Arizona Residents Dispose of over 3 Tons of Prescription Drugs
September 24, 2010 Operation Take-Back Arizona
September 22, 2010 Arizona to Host First-Ever Statewide Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
September 10, 2010 Participant in Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison
September 7, 2010 Drug Kingpin Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison
August 26, 2010 'Operation Frozen Freight' Dismantles Family-Run Drug Trafficking Organization
August 23, 2010 DEA to Host First-Ever Statewide Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
August 13, 2010 11 Arrested During Takedown Of Tucson Meth And Marijuana Ring
August 9, 2010 Father / Son Marijuana Traffickers Sentenced To Lengthy Prison Terms
August 4, 2010 Operation “Kingman Clean Sweep” Rids County of Dangerous Drugs
July 2, 2010 Armed Ring Found Guilty of Meth Distribution and Firearms Charges
June 30, 2010 DEA and State Attorney General Announce Indictment of Doctor in Prescription Drug Case
June 30, 2010 Mexican National Admits Role in Conspiracy to Transport Over 28,000 lbs of Marijuana into U.S.
June 28, 2010 Los Angeles Rapper/Producer Among Those Indicted In Multi-State Drug Conspiracy   
June 18, 2010 Three Generations of Family Convicted of Trafficking More Than One Ton of Marijuana
June 10, 2010 High Priority Target Indicted for Heroin Trafficking, Arrested in Mexico
May 20, 2010 Federal Law Enforcement Memorial Service
April 27, 2010 “Operation Vaqueros” Hits Mexican DTO
April 27, 2010 Media Advisory
April 6, 2010 Operation ‘Fertile Ground’ Takes Down Major Drug Trafficking Network
March 30, 2010 Cocaine Trafficker Pleads Guilty to Mandatory-Minimum 20-Year Sentence
February 18, 2010 Operation "Alice in Wonderland" Takes Down Meth Dealers in Indiana Country
February 18, 2010 Armed Career Drug Trafficker Sentenced to More Than 24 Years in Prison
February 10, 2010 Tucson Drug Trafficker Found Guilty for Conspiracy to Supply Hundreds of Pounds of Marijuana
January 7, 2010 Man Sentenced for Smuggling Marijuana Near the Mexico Border
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