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New York News 2008

December 16, 2008 Sodus Man Sentenced on Federal Marijuana Conspiracy
December 9, 2008 Mexico-Based Drug Kingpin Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court
December 8, 2008 Former Colombian Naval Petty Officer Extradited To United States For Selling Naval Positioning Charts To Cocaine Traffickers
November 18, 2008 "Mickey Woods" Marijuana Trafficking Organization Indicted
November 17, 2008 Leader of Crack-Selling Organization in Sedgwick Houses Convicted
November 14, 2008 Father and Son Convicted of Running Illegal Internet Pharmacy
November 7, 2008 Former NYPD Officer Charged in Armed Robbery Scheme
November 4, 2008 The New York Field Division Teamed Up to Paint the State of New York Red
October 31, 2008 NYPD Police Officer and Two Others Indicted for Armed Robbery Conspiracy and Narcotics Trafficking
October 31, 2008 26 Charged in Federal-State Sweep in Rochester
October 31, 2008 Major Cocaine Distribution Organization Wiped Out in Syracuse, New York
October 3, 2008 Former Colombian Naval Petty Officer Extradited to United States for Selling Naval Positioning Charts to Cocaine Traffickers
October 3, 2008 "Super Chef Dinner" Raised Over $80,000 for The DEA Survivor's Benefit Fund
October 3, 2008 Leader of Colombian Heroin Trafficking Organization Extradited to The United States
October 1, 2008 Businessman Pleads Guilty to Operating an Illegal International Internet Pharmacy
September 25, 2008 Leader of Bronx Crack Ring Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court To 25 Years In Prison
September 25, 2008 Former Schenectady Police Chief Greg Kaczmarek Indicted on Felony Drug Distribution Charges
September 24, 2008 Top Taliban Associate and Former Mujahideen Warlord Found Guilty of Heroin Trafficking
September 23, 2008 Cocaine Hidden in Kiddie Toys
September 23, 2008 Four Defendants Sentenced on Federal Murder, Firearms, and Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana Charges
September 19, 2008 Leader of Multimillion-Dollar Marijuana Ring Sentenced to 21 Years in Prison
September 10, 2008 US/Canadian Investigations Dismantle International Marijuana Trafficking Organization
September 10, 2008 Pharmacy to Pay $250,000 to Settle Federal Civil Charges
September 4, 2008 Leader of Mexican Cocaine Cartel Extradited to The United States From Mexico on Narcotics Trafficking Charges
September 4, 2008 Leader of Colombian Heroin Importation Ring Extradited to United States from Colombia
August 27, 2008 Nine Arrested for Violation of Combat Meth Act
August 20, 2008 Two Long Beach Postal Employees Arrested
July 30, 2008 25 Members of Crack Cocaine Organization Arrested in Buffalo Area
July 28, 2008 "Operation Blackjack" Dismantles Drug Pipeline from New York City to Central NY
July 18, 2008 Cocaine Distribution Ring Knocked Out in New York and Puerto Rico
July 3, 2008 Crack Cocaine Drug Ring Dismantled
June 24, 2008 Four Defendants Convicted on Federal Murder Charges in Connection with Marijuana Operation
June 17, 2008 Leader of Colombian Terrorist Organization AUC Pleads Guilty
June 16, 2008 Four Hundred Pounds of Cocaine Seized in Tractor Trailer
June 13, 2008 Major NY Capital Region Drug Ring Taken Down
June 12, 2008 DEA Agent Impersonator Sentenced to 11 Years in State Prison
June 10, 2008 Memorial to Jonathon Cote
June 5, 2008 Twelve Charged With Conspiracy For Running Bronx Heroin Mill
June 5, 2008 Two Convicted In Million Dollars Cross Country Marijuana Ring
June 4, 2008 Violent Colombian Drug Kingpin Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison for Importing Thousands of Kilograms of Cocaine into the United States from Colombia
June 2, 2008 Unanimous Verdict Recommends Life in Prison for Peekskill Drug Trafficker
May 28, 2008 Undercover Investigation Yields Arrest of United States Customs and Border Patrol Supervisor at New York Airport
May 21, 2008 Twenty-Four Arrested On Charges of Drug Trafficking and Firearms Possession In Area of Bronx River Houses
May 16, 2008 Leader of The Violent Brooklyn Street Gang Sentenced To Life Imprisonment
May 13, 2008 14 Members of Colombian Paramilitary Group Extradited to the United States to Face U.S. Drug Charges
May 12, 2008 23 Arrests and Drug Network Dismantled
May 8, 2008 Upstate Guns, Gangs and Drugs Initiative Targets Schenectady Heroin and Cocaine Ring
May 7, 2008 White Plains Pharmacist Pleads Guilty for Illegally Distributing Prescription Drugs
May 7, 2008 Capital District Task Force Nabs Three
May 7, 2008 Drug Trafficker Found Guilty
May 6, 2008 Eight Members of a Violent Police-Impersonation Robbery Crew Indicted
May 6, 2008 U.S. Announces Indictment of International Arms Dealer for Conspiracy to Kill Americans and Related Terrorism Charges
May 5, 2008 Cocaine Kingpin Charged in U.S., Apprehended in Honduras
May 2, 2008 Leader of New York Area Narcotics Organization Sentenced To Thirty-Five Years In Prison
April 22, 2008 Associate of Colombian Narco-Terrorist Group Extradited to United States on Cocaine Importation Charges
April 17, 2008 DEA New York Participates In St. John’s University Justice Appreciation Day
April 14, 2008 Guatemalan Cocaine Kingpin Sentenced To 262 Months In Prison
April 11, 2008 Identical Twin Leaders Of Violent Crack Crew Plead Guilty To Racketeering, Murder
April 10, 2008 Operation Ghost Rider Rids Rockland County of Violent Drug Traffickers
April 9, 2008 Buffalo New York Round Up Resulted In 36 Arrested
April 7, 2008 Member of Bronx Home Invasion Robbery Crew Sentenced to Life in Prison
April 2, 2008 Mexican Mayor Charged with Trafficking Multi-Kilogram Quantities of Cocaine Arrives in New York
March 14, 2008 Special Agent In Charge Addresses ASIS Internation On the Role of DEA In The Intelligence Community
March 11, 2008 Law Enforcement Exploring Program Names Devrin Perdue Explorer of the Year
March 7, 2008 Heroin Mill On East 75th Street Is Shut Down
March 7, 2008 Five Members Of Multi-Million Dollar Marijuana Ring Convicted In Manhattan Federal Court
February 28, 2008 U.S. Announces Arrest of Alleged Major Cocaine Trafficker as Part Of Multi-Year Investigation Into Mexican Narcotics Trafficking Organization
February 21, 2008 52 Arrested On Drug Charges In Buffalo, NY
February 13, 2008 Former Colombian National Police Officer Found Guilty of Conspiring to Distribute Over Two Tons of Cocaine
February 12, 2008 Guatemala Extradites Colombian Heroin Trafficker
February 11, 2008 16 Arrested in Capital Region
February 8, 2008 Drug Kingpin Convicted Of Running Heroin Organization In The Bronx And Queens
February 5, 2008 Cocaine Kingpin Sentenced to 30 Years on Narcotics and Money Laundering Charges
February 4, 2008 Operation Ivory Triangle Results in Heroin Trafficker's Extradition from Thailand
January 23, 2008 14 Arrested for Violating the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005
January 23, 2008 U.S. Announces Extradition of Three Defendants From Canada on International Money Laundering Charges
January 8, 2008 Seven Panamanian Drug Traffickers Indicted In New York
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