New York News 2004

NOV 12, 2004 Venezuelan Heroin Kingpin Extradicted To United States
NOV 11, 2004 Leader Of “Satan's Soldiers” Pleads Guilty To Operating Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Located Next To Bronx Public School
OCT 19, 2004 U.S. Reaches Settlement with Colombian Airline Avianca to Enhance Screening Procedures on Flights to U.S.
SEP 20, 2004 FDAF Thank You Letter
SEP 15, 2004 Buffalo Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Dismantles Major Ephedrine Trafficking Organization Operating in United States and Canada
AUG 10, 2004 Capital District Drug Enforcement Task Force Dismantles Schenectady based Cocaine Distribution Network
AUG 5, 2004 Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Dismantles Major Drug Trafficking Organization Operating in Buffalo Area
AUG 5, 2004 Schumer: New Data Shows Westchester Becoming Vulnerable to Crystal Meth
JUL 28, 2004 Buffalo Drug Enforcement Task Force Investigation Charges 13 Individuals With Conspiracy To Distribute Cocaine, Crack Cocaine And Heroin
JUL 26, 2004 Accused Belizean Drug Trafficker Tied to Colombian Terrorist Group Extradited on Cocaine Charges and Threats to U.S. Agents
JUL 23, 2004 Federal Jury Convicts Leader of Crack Cocaine Organization of Murder, Drug Dealing and Firearm Use
JUL 23, 2004 U.S. Arrests Internet Merchants of Designer Drugs
JUL 22, 2004 U.S. Indicts Leaders of Colombian Terrorist Organization on Narcotics Trafficking Charges
JUL 21, 2004 NBTY, Inc. Agrees to Pay $950,000 to Settle Claims That it Shipped Tablets Used in the Illegal Manufacturing of Methamphetamine
JUL 9, 2004 The dirty little secret regarding “non-medical marijuana”
JUN 23, 2004 Caribbean and South America Drug Lords Indicted
MAY 27, 2004 Attorney General John Ashcroft Unveils International Drug Kingpin Strike Force In Manhattan
MAY 6, 2004 Indictments Charging Leaders of the Norte Valle Colombian Drug Cartel Unsealed
APR 29, 2004

Search Warrant, Two Arrests and the Seizure of Thirteen Firearms and Seven Improvised Explosive Devices In Staten Island, New York

APR 26, 2004

78 Charged in United States, Colombia and Netherlands Antilles in International Narcotics Conspiracy

APR 15, 2004

East Coast Cocaine Distribution Network Smashed

APR 6, 2004 13 Members of Two Cocaine Trafficking and Money Laundering Organizations Face Federal Charges
MAR 31, 2004 Operation Candy Box: Over 130 Arrested in American-Canadian Crackdown on Ecstasy and Marijuana Drug Ring
MAR 26, 2004 Two Tons of Marijuana Seized in Bronx Warehouse
MAR 7, 2004 U.S. Charges Owner of 'Sound Factory' Nightclub with Operating as a Narcotics 'Stash House' for the Distribution of Ecstasy, Meth and Other 'Club Drugs' 
MAR 4, 2004 United States Requests Extradition of Cali Cartelleaders From Colombia on Money Laundering Charges
MAR 2, 2004 DEA Buffalo Seizes Approximately 140 Pounds Marijuana and Recovers Human Organ Tissue for Transplant
MAR 2, 2004 U.S. Charges New York Crystal Meth Dealer Ring
JAN 15, 2004 DEA Disrupts Colombian Drug Ring
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