Miami News 2009

December 10, 2009 Former ICE Agent Pleads Guilty to Obstruction of Justice
December 10, 2009 Suppliers of Marijuana Grow House Operation Indicted
December 9, 2009 Nineteen From Hallandale Beach Area Charged in Joint Federal-State Narcotics Trafficking Operation
December 4, 2009 Yung Thug Government Dismantled
November 6, 2009 Martin County Residents Arrested in Marijuana Grow House Operation
November 6, 2009 Two Defendants Sentenced for Importing 300 Kilograms of Cocaine into the U.S. from the Bahamas
October 30, 2009 19 Sentenced in Operation "Oxy Express" King of Hudson Sentenced to 20 Years
October 27, 2009 Miami Resident Convicted in Mortgage Fraud Scheme
October 14, 2009 23 Arrested in Operation “No Leash”
October 2, 2009 Miami Residents Plead Guilty in Marijuana Grow House, Mortgage, and Money Laundering Scheme
October 1, 2009 Destin Physician Convicted of Fraud, Illegal Distribution of Controlled Substances
October 1, 2009 Operation Red Stripe Stifles Crime
September 30, 2009 DEA Gets to the Root of Grow Operation
September 28, 2009 Drug Lord Arrested in Colombia
September 16, 2009 Broward Defendants Sentenced on Cocaine and Structuring Charges
September 4, 2009 Drug Enforcement Administration Extradites Danish Woman, First Dane Extradited to the United States
August 21, 2009 Two Defendants Plead Guilty to Importing 300 Kilograms of Cocaine into the U.S. from the Bahamas
April 9, 2009 Nine Miami Residents Charged in Gun and Drug Sweep
April 2, 2009 Jury Returns Verdict of Death for Turnpike Homicides of Two Toddlers
March 6, 2009 Jury Returns Guilty Verdicts in Florida Turnpike Homicide Case
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