Miami News 2005

 DEC 15, 2005 Operation Lightning Bolt Strikes at Violent Street Narcotics Organizations in Miami
 DEC 8, 2005 Twenty-Four Members of International Drug & Money Laundering Organization Indicted
 NOV 30, 2005 DEA Seizes Heroin-Laced Artwork
 NOV 21, 2005 High-Ranking Colombian Drug Traffickers Plead Guilty to Cocaine Charges
 NOV 17, 2005 Operation Sweet Tooth
 NOV 10, 2005 Tampa Man Convicted for Drug Facilitated Crimes of Violence
 NOV 3, 2005 Florida Woman Convicted of Running Methamphetamine Lab
 OCT 24, 2005 Narcotics Traffickers Sentenced to Imprisonment
 OCT 21, 2005 Cocaine Smugglers Endure Record Losses in 2005 from Persistant Law Enforcement Scrutiny
 SEP 30, 2005 Haitian Cocaine Trafficker Sentenced to Life
 SEP 1, 2005 Ten Members of Drug Ring Charged with Distributing Methamphetamine and Cocaine in Miami-area
 AUG 30, 2005 Department of Justice Announces Results of Historic Meth Crackdown Operation
 AUG 22, 2005 Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Conduct Major Sweep of Alleged Drug Traffickers in Fort Myers, Florida
 AUG 15, 2005 Major Sweep of Alleged Methamphetamine Traffickers in Volusia County Area
 AUG 11, 2005 CPOT Target Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Import Cocaine
 AUG 9, 2005 Apalachicola, Florida Physician Indicted on Drug and Fraud Charges
 AUG 4, 2005 School Employees Charged in Oxycontin Forged Prescription and Health Care Fraud Ring
 AUG 4, 2005 Boca Raton Doctor Charged with Distributing Oxycontin
 JUL 28, 2005 50 Arrested in Palm Beach County Drug Operation
 JUL 27, 2005 Port St. Lucie Woman Ordered Detained on Charges of Running a Methamphetamine Lab
 JUL 25, 2005 Jury Convicts Haitian Cocaine Trafficker on All Counts
 JUL 25, 2005 Manager of Boca Pain Center Sentenced to Jail For Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs
 JUL 15, 2005 9 Arrested in Florida's Largest Ever Prosecution of an Online Pharmacy
Illegal Internet Orders Totaled Over $10 Million in Sales Since 2003
 JUL 13, 2005 Eleven Arrested in Marion County Drug Ring Round-Up
 JUL 12, 2005 Vero Beach Man Pleads Guilty to Impersonating a DEA Agent
 MAY 23, 2005 Chicago Man Arrested For Allegedly Being An Accessory To A Drug Facilitated Murder
 MAY 17, 2005 Seizure of Marijuana Plants in Cape Coral
 MAY 13, 2005 Putnam and Alachua County Drug Ring Busted in Spin-Off from "Operation Crescent Moon"
 MAY 10, 2005 Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Conduct Major Sweep of Alleged Cocaine Traffickers in Volusia County Area
 MAY 03, 2005 Defendants Convicted Of Drug Trafficking
 MAY 02, 2005 250 Kilograms of Cocaine Seized by DEA Naples
 MAR 21, 2005 Cali Cartel Leader Extradited to United States
 FEB 28, 2005 Alleged Marihuana And Meth Drug Dealers Rounded Up In Baker County In "Operation Sawmill"
 FEB 4, 2005 Over $180,000 In Nickels Recovered
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