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DEA Red Ribbon Social Media Campaign

Help us spread the word about Red Ribbon and its message of “Living Drug Free”.

DEA Red Ribbon Social Media Campaign

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has created this social media campaign to encourage the use of social media to help us spread the word about Red Ribbon and its message of “Living Drug Free”.

During October, DEA will be hosting and participating in Red Ribbon events throughout the country.  Look out for tweets and posts for these special events and participate/tweet/retweet/share as appropriate.  Simply use any or all of the sample posts and graphics included in this campaign or create your own posts with photos of you and/or your organization in action during Red Ribbon.

DEA Red Ribbon Kickoff:

Watch DEA’s Virtual Red Ribbon Rally beginning October 1st

Weekly DEA Red Ribbon Themes and Graphics*:

*Graphics formatted for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

To download the graphics, click on the thumbnail images and then right-click and "Save As..."

Week 1:  Raise Awareness (October 4-10)

Sample posts:

  • Raise Awareness and spread the word about #RedRibbon virtually with your schools and communities.  #DEARedRibbon Check out a few ideas at https://go.usa.gov/xG7Cv
  • Get the facts about #RedRibbon week and resources to raise awareness about substance abuse and materials to help communities to participate in #RedRibbon. week.  #DEARedRibbon   https://go.usa.gov/xG7Yr

Week 2: Pledge to Be Drug-Free (October 11-17)

Sample posts:

  • Make a promise to yourself and those around you to stay drug-free. Take the #DEARedRibbon Pledge today! https://go.usa.gov/xGynW
  • Let’s honor #DEA Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena & others who gave their lives in combating drug trafficking by pledging to live a drug free life!  Learn about #DEARedRibbon and take the pledge! https://go.usa.gov/xG7yk

Week 3: Get Involved (October 18-24)

Sample posts:

  • Help your community stay drug-free. Use the #DEARedRibbon toolkit for resources to promote Red Ribbon. https://go.usa.gov/xG7Yr

Week 4: Celebrate Red Ribbon (October 25-31)

Sample posts:

  • Celebrate Red Ribbon Week by wearing red ribbons, participating in community anti-drug events, and pledging to live drug-free lives. #DEARedRibbon https://go.usa.gov/xG7yk

DEA Red Ribbon Hashtags

Share Red Ribbon photos, videos, or pictures on social media. Tag DEA in Instagram and Facebook at @DEAHQ and Red Ribbon using the following hashtags:

#DEARedRibbon: use in all social media posts. Get red ribbon information and resources.

#GoRed4Red Ribbon: use when showing off buildings lit up in red!  Find out more.

#DEAScoutPatch: use when highlighting the Red Ribbon activities of Boy and Girl Scouts. 

Learn more about DEA’s Red Ribbon Week Patch Program

 #LivingDrugFree: use in social media posts about pledging to be drug-free or taking the Red Ribbon pledge. 

View the sample student and parent red ribbon week pledges.


DEA Red Ribbon Resources

Red Ribbon Week offers a great opportunity for parents, teachers, educators, and community organizations to raise awareness of the problem of drug abuse. DEA has created a toolkit of materials to help your community participate in Red Ribbon Week.  Use the materials of DEA's Red Ribbon Toolkit to draft social media posts and/or link to resources.  

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