Detroit News 2009

December 17, 2009 Hells Angels Chapter President and Owner of Motorcycle Dealership Sentenced for Selling Speed
December 17, 2009 Two Kentucky Residents Sentenced on Multiple Federal Drug Charges
December 16, 2009 Two Louisville Brothers Sentenced in Federal Poli-Drug Conspiracy
December 9, 2009 Two Former Glassgow Police Department Majors Sentenced for Illegally Possessing Hydrocodone and Tampering with Witness
December 9, 2009 Louisville Woman Indicted for Distributing Oxycontin
December 1, 2009 Former Nurse Pleads Guilty to Stealing Drugs from Patients
November 20, 2009 Suburban Detroit Man Convicted of Kilo Quantity Cocaine Conspiracy Charges
November 18, 2009 Former Postal Employee Indicted for Theft of Mail
November 6, 2009 Fifteen Current and Former Detroit Area Residents Charged in International Drug Trafficking Investigation
November 6, 2009 Participants in Multi-State Marijuana Ring Sentenced in Kentucky
October 28, 2009 Nashville Man Sentenced for Cocaine Possession in Kentucky
October 21, 2009 Bluegrass State Man Sentenced for Multi-Kilogram Cocaine Conspiracy
October 14, 2009 DEA Detroit Assists Hamburg TWP Police In Large Local Impact Investigation
October 7, 2009 Two Louisville Men Sentenced for Illegal Peddling of Prescription Pills
October 7, 2009 Two Louisville Men Indicted for Possession with Intent to Distribute Crack Cocaine
October 1, 2009 Kentucky Meth Dealer Sentenced to 15 Years
September 23, 2009 Doctor Who Prescribed Diet Drugs Over the Internet Sentenced in Federal Court
September 23, 2009 Louisville Man Pleads Guilty in Federal Meth, Cocaine and Marijuana Conspiracy
September 9, 2009 Two Kentucky Men Charged in Kilo Quantity Cocaine Conspiracy
September 9, 2009 Kentucky Man Charged with Manufacturing 200+ Marijuana Plants
September 3, 2009 Michigan Physician Guilty of Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substance
September 3, 2009 Former Kentucky Pharmacy Owner Sentenced for Distributing Hydrocodone
August 26, 2009 Owner of Motorcycle Shop and Second Man Plead Guilty to Meth Distribution
August 17, 2009 Louisville Man Sentenced for Marijuana Conspiracy
August 4, 2009 Three Floridians Indicted for Selling Oxycontin in Louisville, Kentucky
August 4, 2009 New York Couple Indicted in Kentucky for Heroin Distribution
July 27, 2009 Hardin County Man Charged with Distributing Meth at Kentucky Truck Stop
July 27, 2009 Louisville Man Pleads to Multi-Kilogram Cocaine Conspiracy
July 17, 2009 Earlington, Kentucky Drug Dealers Plead Guilty
July 15, 2009 Two Illegal Aliens Indicted for Meth Distribution in Kentucky
July 14, 2009 Louisville Man Sentenced to 2 Years for Illegal Distribution of Oxycontin
July 8, 2009 "Jacob the Jeweler" Forfeits $2 Million for Obstructing DEA / IRS Investigation
July 6, 2009 21 Indicted in Kentucky Crack Cocaine Conspiracy
July 1, 2009 Craven Meth Leads to 11 Years in Federal Prison
June 24, 2009 Man from Blue Grass State Pleads Guilty to 5 Kilo Cocaine Conspiracy
June 23, 2009 Louisville Crack Cocaine Dealer Sentenced to 4 Years
June 23, 2009 Kentucky Man Pleads Guilty to Possessing Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute
June 23, 2009 Final Conspirator Sentenced in Multi-Kilogram Cocaine Investigation
June 10, 2009 Kentucky and Georgia Men Indicted for Conspiracy to Distribute Crack Cocaine
June 8, 2009 Louisville Drug Dealer Sentenced for Assaulting a Federal Agent and Attempting to Buy Two Kilograms of Cocaine
June 5, 2009 Nine Michigan Residents, Two Others Indicted in Large Prescription Drug Distribution Scheme 
June 5, 2009 Murdering Major Drug Trafficker from Detroit Convicted on Conspiracy and Escape Charges
June 2, 2009 Three Louisville Men Indicted in Heroin Conspiracy
May 19, 2009 Michigan Doctor Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Writing Unauthorized Prescriptions
May 18, 2009 Louisville Meth Drug Dealer Sentenced for Distribution
May 11, 2009 Two Men from Bluegrass State Indicted in Federal Weed, Speed and Cocaine Conspiracy
May 11, 2009 Louisville Man Indicted for Distributing Oxycontin
May 11, 2009 Former Kentucky Pharmacy Owner Charged with Illegal Distribution of Hydrocodone
May 4, 2009 Ohio Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Agrees to Pay $500,000 in Civil Settlement for Supplying Internet Pharmacies
April 27, 2009 Two Former Glasgow Police Dept. Majors Plead Guilty
April 16, 2009 Guilty Plea from Doctor who Prescirbed Controlled Substances Over the Internet
April 7, 2009 Lebanon Man Indicted for Manufacturing More Than 100 Marijuana Plants
April 6, 2009 Michigan Man and Kentucky Woman Charged with Illegal Distribution of OxyContin
March 23, 2009 Three Men Sentenced for Roles in Large Cocaine Conspiracy
March 20, 2009 Two KY Men Indicted for 2008 Multi-Kilogram Cocaine Conspiracy
March 17, 2009 Oxycontin Peddler Pleads Guilty in Louisville
February 27, 2009 Colorado Man Among Those Who Plead Guilty In Multi-State Marijuana Ring
February 26, 2009 Two Michigan Men Arrested in Large Marijuana Conspiracy   
February 26, 2009 Michigan Doctor and Pharmacist Among Men Indicted in Huge Prescription Drug Scheme
February 25, 2009 Illegal Alien Sentenced to Five Years
February 24, 2009 Four Ohio Men and Massachusetts Man Plead Guilty in Multi-State Marijuana Distribution Ring
February 11, 2009 Louisville Man Sentenced to Two Years and Six Months for Distributing Steroids
February 5, 2009 Two Assistant Police Chiefs in Kentucky Arrested on Prescription Drug Charges
February 2, 2009 Crack Cocaine Dealer Indicted in Bardstown, Kentucky
January 22, 2009 Arizona Man and California Man Indicted for Conspiring to Distribute Over 220 Pounds of Marijuana in Kentucky
January 22, 2009 "Speed" Trafficker Pleads Guilty on Charge of Possession With Intent to Distribute
January 22, 2009 Kentucky Crack Cocaine Dealer Sentenced to Spend 55 Months in Federal Prison
January 22, 2009 Two Non U.S. Citizens Plead Guilty in Eight Kilogram Cocaine Conspiracy
January 14, 2009 Four Kentucky Meth Dealers Sentenced for Meth Conspiracy
January 14, 2009 Alabama Drug Dealer Sentenced to Three + Years for Intent to Distribute Meth in Kentucky
January 8, 2009 Husband and Wife Team Plead Guilty to Distributing Anabolic Setroids
January 8, 2009 Canadian Man Faces Federal Charge for Illegal Distribution of Prescription Drugs
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