Denver News 2005

DEC 12, 2005 Grand Jury Indictes 9 For Laundering Drug Money
NOV 17, 2005 Loveland Meth Connection Broken
NOV 1, 2005 DEA and El Paso County District Attorney Team Up
NOV 1, 2005 Money Laundering Scheme Exposed
OCT 24, 2005 Grand Junction Cocaine Ring Indicted
OCT 24, 2005 Record 7 Million Dollar Settlement
OCT 14, 2005 Drug Investgation Pays Off
OCT 11, 2005 DEA Task Force Reels in 7 Pounds of Meth
SEP 30, 2005 Ex-Washington Redskin and Super Bowl Record Holder Arrested for Selling Cocaine
SEP 29, 2005 DEA Seizes 24 Kilos of Cocaine
SEP 26, 2005 DEA Task Force Stops 12 Pounds of Meth From Hitting the Streets of Grand Junction
SEP 22, 2005 Three Denver Pharmacies Entangled in OPERATION CYBERx Nationwide Internet Pharmacy Scheme Exposed
SEP 21, 2005 One-Half Million Lines Of Cocaine Seized DEA Grand Junction Task Force Nets 6 Kilos Of Coke Valued At Over 700,000 Dollars 
AUG 31, 2005 DEA Launches Secure Electronic Ordering
AUG 30, 2005 DEA Launches Teen Web Page
AUG 30, 2005 DEA Rocky Mountain Division Man Fire Line

AUG 29, 2005

Task Force Makes Record Meth Seizure
AUG 24, 2005 Keen Eyes and Nuts and Bolts Detective Work Nab 4 with Drugs and Cash
AUG 23, 2005 48-Hour Dragnet Yields Meth Lab, 22 Arrests and 25 Guns
AUG 22, 2005 Denver Man Charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Ecstasy Following DEA Lab Bust
AUG 15, 2005 Denver-Mexico Meth “Ice” Connection Affirmed
JUL 20, 2005 Drug 'Money Trail' Leads to Colorado
JUL 8, 2005 DEA Investigation Leads to Addition of Child Abuse Charges in Drug Case
JUL 7, 2005 Drug Trafficker Who Preyed on Native Americans is Sentenced to Life in Prison
JUN 21, 2005 Christopher Holyfield Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole for Crack Cocaine Distribution
JUN 17, 2005 Drug Enforcement Administration Recruiting Accounting and Finance Experts
JUN 02, 2005 DA Announces Conviction in First Business Owner Charged Under New Methamphetamine Law Restricting Sale of Chemicals
MAY 31, 2005 Year Long Investigation Nets 19 Arrests
MAY 24, 2005 Local Drug Trafficking Organization Dismantled in Colorado Springs
MAY 19, 2005 Forty Eight (48) Kilograms of Cocaine and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Cash Seized by the DEA
MAY 6, 2005 19 Arrested in Joint Drug Operation
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