Intel Research Specialists

Intelligence Research Specialist

DEA’s Intelligence Research Specialists are recognized worldwide for their skills, commitment, and achievements in combating drug trafficking, and violent crime.

Intelligence Research Specialists Careers

Intelligence Research Specialists (GS-0132) work closely with DEA Special Agents to conduct significant drug investigations and counter-drug operations within the U.S. and abroad. Intelligence Research Specialists conduct and manage complex research into drug cultivation and production, methods of transportation, trafficking routes, and the structure and analysis of trafficking organizations. These positions are located in most major U.S. cities, other domestic areas, and foreign countries that need DEA's support in combating drug trafficking, and violent crime.

Candidates for Intelligence Research Specialist positions must have the ability to:

Analyze information, identify significant factors, gather pertinent data, and develop solutions;
Plan and organize work; and
Communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Experience may have been gained in administrative, professional, technical, investigative or other work.

If you qualify, you must sign a Mobility Agreement that confirms your understanding and agreement to accept reassignment to any location depending on the needs of the DEA and the Intelligence Program. This mandatory agreement remains in effect throughout your DEA career as an Intelligence Research Specialist. The opportunity to transfer to other assignments as advertised is available to you.

Intelligence Research Specialist Qualifications
Intelligence Research Specialist Qualifications

Intelligence Research Specialists are subject to reassignment to any location in the United States depending on the needs of the DEA. All applicants must be available for relocation throughout their career with DEA and will be required to sign a statement to this effect when accepting an offer of employment.

Newly hired Intelligence Research Specialists must complete the Basic Intelligence Research Specialist (BIRS) Training Course.

The current hiring process includes three evaluation components:

I. Biodata (completed online with the original application)

II. Written Assessments

III. Verbal Interview

Each component must be completed successfully prior to final hiring determination.

Employment also requires:

  • Successful completion of your initial background investigation to include polygraph and successful completion of periodic reinvestigations throughout your DEA career as well as adherence to the DEA Standards of Conduct.
  • Satisfactory completion of the Basic Intelligence Research Specialist Training Course. Satisfactory completion of the Intelligence Research Specialist Mentoring Program.
  • Satisfactory completion of the first year of employment as an Intelligence Research Specialist.
  • You will be subject to random drug testing by urinalysis during your career.
  • Length of initial assignment is three years.

Entry level salary is at the GS-7 or GS-9 level and is commensurate with your education level, prior work experience, and knowledge, skills, and abilities as they pertain to the position.

The career ladder opportunities are at the GS-7/9/11/12/13 grade levels with supervisory positions starting at GS-14. Supervisory positions can go up to the Senior Executive Service rank.

The federal benefit package is extensive and comprehensive. The DEA Personnel Office will provide additional details in the event of your employment.

DEA recruits and hires Intelligence Research Specialists from all levels of experience including recent college graduates, highly experienced specialists, and experienced managers.

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