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Professional and Administrative Support

The DEA offers professional and administrative career opportunities in a variety of occupations

Professional & Administrative Careers

Experience Our Career Choices

If you are looking for:

  • a career with meaningful work,
  • a career working with the best of the best,
  • a career that contributes to the well being of the American public,

and you're ready to work with an international organization having a global presence, then you've picked the right agency with DEA.

DEA offers professional and administrative career opportunity in a variety of occupations. Learn about our exciting choices below or check out our job openings now!

DEA's administrative and support personnel perform functions and operations that are the backbone to the mission of combating domestic and global drug trafficking. DEA offers a wide variety of administrative and clerical advancement opportunities at locations worldwide. Some of DEA's positions in the administrative and support field include:

  • Accountants                                            
  • Accounting Clerks/Technicians
  • Administrative Officers
  • Administrative Support Specialists
  • Engineers/Electronics
  • Environmental Protection Specialists
  • Evidence Technicians
  • Information Technology Specialists/Assistants
  • Program Analyst/Assistants
  • Records Management Specialists
  • Secretary and Administrative Assistants
  • Security Administrators
  • Telecommunications Specialists

Attorneys at DEA have a significant role in shaping important legal and policy decisions. Recognized as the world’s leading drug enforcement agency, DEA Office of Chief Counsel’s attorneys analyze the legal implications in policy decisions, advise and train DEA personnel worldwide on criminal, civil, and regulatory legal issues, review proposed legislation and regulations, and represent DEA in civil and administrative litigation. The Office of Chief Counsel offers a professional environment where attorneys derive job satisfaction from a job well done and maintain balance between work and home life.

Interested applicants must apply through the DOJ's Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management. Information on eligibility requirements is also available through the OARM link.

Individuals with office and facilities management skills will find a rewarding career at DEA. DEA relies on a talented team of employees to manage the operation of DEA’s headquarters and satellite offices. As an important part of DEA’s operations, you will be involved with leasing relationships, third party vendors, telephone support, scheduled maintenance, and the production of presentations and proposals.

From planning and executing financial programs to organizing and directing contracting and procurement activities, DEA’s Financial Management Division offers challenging assignments and a motivated, cohesive team. Available positions may include:

  • Financial Management
  • Budget
  • Financial Control
  • Organizational Management
  • Acquisitions and Procurement
  • Internal Auditing
  • Capital Planning

DEA Human Resources personnel are essential in attracting, developing and retaining exceptional talent. We are looking for dynamic HR professionals who care about satisfaction, efficiency, effectiveness and the well-being of our employees. We may have human resources positions for applicants with various levels of experience in the areas of:

  • Benefits
  • Classification
  • Employee Relations
  • Pay and Compensation
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Training and Development
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