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What does the EPIC logo mean?

The EPIC Logo


The EPIC logo symbolizes the mission and people of the El Paso Intelligence Center.

The logo is headed with the acronym which exemplifies EPIC as the umbrella for information sharing with all 50 of the United States.

The eagle represents the United States government.

The globe symbolizes EPIC’s global responsibility.

The three rings around the globe brings to mind the first three participating agencies (DEA, INS & USCS) and the vast communications resources EPIC uses to carry out its mission.

The peaks depict the El Paso Franklin Mountains, separated by a bold zig-zag swath, representing the Rio Grande River and the Pass of the North.

The arched banner embodying the words “El Paso Intelligence Center” denotes the Federal agencies represented at the Center.

The circle of silver surrounding the logo represents the men and women of EPIC who have dedicated their lives and careers to safeguarding our Country from criminal harm.




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