Photo of Alan H. Winn
Photo of Alan H. Winn

Alan H. Winn

Special Agent

July 04, 1954 - August 13, 1991

Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Pilot Alan H. Winn, 37, was killed August 13, 1991, in a helicopter crash during an operations flight over Hawaii.

Special Agent Winn graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in communications. While in the Marine Corps, he trained as a helicopter pilot. In 1985 Winn joined the San Diego, California, Police Department as a patrolman. He later earned a master’s degree in forensic science from National University in San Diego. He joined DEA in February 1987 and was class representative of Basic Agent Training Class 48. He was then assigned to the San Diego Field Division and in July 1987 was transferred to a Task Force group in the Phoenix Field Division. In April 1988 Special Agent Winn received a Sustained Superior Performance Award.

In July 1990 he joined the Phoenix Aviation Section and in April 1991 was reassigned to DEA's Aviation Section in Hilo, Hawaii. On August 13, 1991, Special Agent Winn was performing a routine marijuana spotting mission flight as part of DEA's marijuana eradication program. During the course of the mission, Special Agent Winn's helicopter suffered an engine malfunction causing him to crash.

Special Agent Winn was survived by his wife, Kristy, and two daughters, Whitney and Lauren.

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