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News Release
August 25, 2005

Marijuana Home Delivery Service Shut Down

AUG 25 -- In a joint investigation with the United States Attorney’s Office, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced today that a federal grand jury returned an eight-count indictment charging Ryan Whiteoak, a/k/a “Derrick,” Brian Callahan, a/k/a “Bobby,” Christian Lysak, a/k/a “Seth,” David Rosenberg, a/k/a “Petey,” a/k/a “PDX,” Amy Ilnicki, a/k/a “Nadia,” Leah Murray, a/k/a “Vivian,” Brian Marr, a/k/a “Lance,” Ben Gaydos, a/k/a “Ben,” a/k/a “Jim Patterson” and Michael McCann, a/k/a “Bruce,” Jeff Cuellar, a/k/a “Ollie,” Michael Sanders, a/k/a “Tim,” and Stephen Breese, a/k/a “Key,” with conspiracy to distribute more than 100 kilograms of marijuana for their participation in a marijuana home delivery service throughout Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Through the investigation it was learned that Whiteoak headed an organization referred to as the Whiteoak Marijuana Organization (“WMO”). Whiteoak employed three co-conspirators to manage the daily operations to include: recruiting, training and paying bicycle couriers to deliver marijuana to its customers. The managers provided the bicycle couriers the marijuana and collected the proceeds from the drug sales and supplied cellular phones to the couriers. The WMO employed telephone dispatchers to receive the marijuana orders. The investigation revealed that the WMO was in existence for almost five years, from January 1, 1999, to November 3, 2003. The WMO provided its customers with a pager number which they would contact by imputing a previously assigned PIN (personal identification number). Dispatchers would call back the customers and inform them that a courier would be at their residences within a specified amount of time. Shortly thereafter, a bicycle courier would arrive at the residence, deliver the marijuana, and receive the cash proceeds from the customer. The defendants used street names, not their real names, when communicating with each other on cellular phones and with customers.


Ryan Whiteoak
Philadelphia, PA
32 years old
Brian Callahan
Bridgeton, NJ
28 years old
Christian Lysak
Philadelphia, PA
33 years old
David Rosenberg
Philadelphia, PA
30 years old
Amy Ilnicki
Philadelphia, PA
28 years old
Leah Murray
Philadelphia, PA
29 years old
Michael McCann
Philadelphia, PA
30 years old
Brian Marr
Philadelphia, PA
28 years old
Michael Sanders
Philadelphia, PA
31 years old
Ben Gaydos
Philadelphia, PA
26 years old
Stephen Breese
Philadelphia, PA
25 years old

If convicted the defendants face a mandatory minimum of 5 years incarceration up to a maximum possible sentence of 40 years incarceration, a minimum of two years of supervised release up to lifetime supervised release, fines and special assessments.

According to the DEA Acting Special Agent in Charge, Barbra Roach, “this organization disguised themselves as a legitimate courier service to conceal their drug dealing operation. Yesterday’s indictment mark’s the dismantlement of this drug trafficking organization, that generated proceeds of approximately a quarter million dollars each year. ”

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