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News Release
October 3, 2005
Contact: S/A Elizabeth Jordan

(212) 337-2906

Millions Of Dollars In Seized Assets Distributed To New York State/ Local Law Enforcement And Prosecuters

During the late 1980's and early 1990's, New York Drug Enforcement Task Force Division 95 and Troop K Narcotics of the New York State Police worked a joint investigation targeting Jose Santacruz-Londono, the head of the CALI CARTEL, and his organization operating in and around the New York area. Known as OPERATION CALICO, this investigation made use of New York State wiretaps, Federal and State prosecutions, Federal forfeiture, extensive surveillance, informant information, and thorough analysis of seized documentary evidence. In coordination with efforts against the Cali Cartel in Miami and in Colombia, the work done by these investigators during Operation Calico would help to cripple and ULTIMATELY DISMANTLE THE CALI CARTEL. During Operation Calico, the NYDETF and Troop K seized thousands of kilograms of cocaine, millions of dollars in drug cash and arrested dozens of Cali Cartel Operatives.

(L-R) William Mockler( DEA ret.), John P. Gilbride, (SAC ), Phil Dimmico(DEA ret.), James Fox (Assoc.SAC), Jerry McArdle(DEA), Rob Michaelis (DEA) Kenny Robinson (DEA ret.) Roz Mauskopf ( US Attorney EDNY) Carlton Starling (DEA)

The investigation, utilizing the information and testimony of former Cali Cartel members in the WITSEC program and voluminous documents and evidence seized and maintained from Operation Calico investigations identified three individuals working directly for Santacruz-London who established bank accounts in Europe in order to help hide his cocaine profits. After years of criminal and civil forfeiture trails in Europe and the United States, 3.8million DOLLARS, which belonged to Santacruz-Londono, has been returned to the US. On September 20th 2005 these funds were shared and distributed as follows:

Drug Enforcement Administration $1,090,235.24
New York State Police $1,260,267.69
New York City Police Department $1,260,261.69
Special Narcotics Prosecutor's Office, City of New York. $189,229.38


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