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News Release
April 21, 2005
Elizabeth Jordan
Drug Enforcement Administration
(212) 337-2906


APR 21 -- JOHN P. GILBRIDE, the Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (“DEA”) New York Office and DAVID N. KELLEY, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and announced the filing of an Information charging RAFAEL OLIVO, of the Bronx, New York, with illegally distributing anabolic steroids in the Bronx and Manhattan.

According to the criminal Complaint filed previously and the Information filed today in Manhattan federal court, in December 2004 OLIVO arranged to meet and sell steroids at a “Steel Gym” located in Manhattan . Law enforcement investigators for the DEA,New York City Police Department and New York State Police intervened at the time of the arranged meeting, and conducted a search of OLIVO’s vehicle. Inside the vehicle, investigators discovered large quantities of anabolic steroids, including the following:

a. 5000 tablets Anabol;
b. 25 bottles (10 ml) Trembelona QV 75;
c. 100 ampules Durateston;
d. 101 ampules Winstrol; and
e. 100 tablets Methardrostenolone.

Later the same day, investigators obtained a search warrant for OLIVO’s residence and discovered an even larger stash of anabolic steroids intended for distribution, including the following:

a. 254 Deca QV 300 (10 ml) injectable;
b. 70 Propionate QV 100 (10 ml) injectable;
c. 200 Enantate 250 (1 ml) injectable;
d. 1000 Winstrol Depot/Stanozolol ampoules (1 ml);
e. 450 Stanazolic injectable (10 ml);
f. 2390 Durateston testosterone ampoules (1 ml);
g. 1 bottle Ganabol (100 ml) injectable;
h. 1 bottle Dimetabol (350 ml) injectable;
i. 1442 Trembolona (10 ml)injectable;
j. 4000 Anabol (5 mg) tablets;
k. 305 Sustanon ampoules (1 ml); and
l. 1 bottle Test Propionate (346 ml).

The defendant is charged in the Information with distributing, and possessing with the intent to distribute, anabolic steroids. If convicted, the defendant faces 5 years’ imprisonment and a $250,000 fine The Information also seeks forfeiture of any proceeds OLIVO obtained directly or indirectly as a result of his illegal steroid dealing, and any and all property used in any manner to commit and to facilitate the commission of the crime.

Mr. KELLEY praised the efforts of the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force in this case and said that the investigation is continuing.

Assistant United States Attorney DAVID LEIBOWITZ is in charge of the prosecution.

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