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News Release
March 28, 2005

Over 8 Million Dollars In Drug Proceeds From
Hazan Organization Distributed
In Equitable Sharing Ceremony
Eastern District Of New York

Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies gathered on Friday March 18, 2005 as Roslynn R. Mauskoph, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York distributed checks totaling over 8 million dollars in drug proceeds seized from the Hazan organization.

photo - New York State Police accept check for $3,994,562.95 from US Attorney Roslynn Mauskoph EDNY
New York State Police accept check for
$3,994,562.95 from US Attorney Roslynn Mauskoph EDNY


Agency $ Distribution $ Totals
Suffolk County PD 1,018,578.69  
Suffolk County DA 507,289.34  
Suffolk County Sheriff 102,059.78  
Total - Suffolk County Agencies   $1,627,927.81
NY National Guard 50,525.14  
NY State Division of State Police 3,994,562.95  
Total NY State Agencies   $ 4,045,088.09
Brooklyn, IRS 611,349.12  
Total IRS   $ 611,349.12
Nassau County DA 509,289.34  
Nassau County PD 1,273,223.37  
Total Nassau County Agencies   $ 1,782,512.71

The Hazan Organization operated a large scale marijuana and ecstacy distribution ring that employed approximately 60 individuals as distributors, warehouse workers, drivers, packers and money launderers. The Hazan Organization trafficked for more than a decade in tons of marijuana grown in Mexico and in hydroponic marijuana from Canada. Most of the marijuana was sold to drug dealers in Long Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx. During the investigation, law enforcement agents learned through a combination of confidential sources, physical surveillance and court-authorized wiretaps, that the Hazan Organization used tanker trucks with false compartments to ferry drugs and drug proceeds to and from Canada and Mexico, as well as a string of stash houses to store narcotics and drug money.

At the time of the arrest of the Hazans in December 2002, agents searched a stash house and seized a truck containing 697 pounds of marijuana, industrial scales, heat sealing machines, plastic packaging used for marijuana, a money counting machine, unregistered handguns and an SKS assault rifle. Shortly thereafter, agents seized approximately $9.7 million in cash from hidden safes located at two storage facilities in Central Islip, New York, and at a tanning salon owned by the defendants. This cash seizure is believed to be the largest ever by law enforcement on Long Island. Agents also intercepted a 3,500 pound truckload of marijuana at a warehouse located in Islip. The defendants entered guilty pleas in 2003 and forfeited in excess of $10,000,000.00, consisting of cash, stock and bank accounts.

The arrests, indictments and convictions of the Hazans are the product of law enforcement’s Career Dealer Initiative (“CDI”), a task force of federal and state agents that has targeted major marijuana dealers in Long Island and New York City metropolitan area. CDI combines historical investigation with financial analysis to identify, prosecute and dismantle professional wholesale drug merchants. It has focused the combined strength of local, state and federal agencies on large-scale, multi-million dollar narcotics operations, that often avoided investigation and prosecution as a result of their familiarity with law enforcement techniques, prosecution guidelines and law enforcement priorities. To date, CDI has resulted in the arrest of over 150 defendants and the seizure of more than $25 million. In addition, many previously unsolved major crimes in Nassau and Suffolk Counties have been cleared, including ten drive-by shootings, 16 arsons, 48 home invasion burglaries, nine robberies and two drug-related kidnappings. SEE NY DEA PRESS RELEASE DATED JUNE 3, 2003


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