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News Release
July 18, 2005

Attachment A

“Asbury Park Organization”

Arrested by DEA on or about July 27, 2004

Pled guilty and awaiting lengthy federal sentencing

  1. Allen Height (AKA Alley Cat), DOB: 11-30-1974, 1805 Brockton Ave., Neptune, NJ
  2. Dameion Edgerton (AKA Rock), DOB: 06-06-1978, 1711 Olden Ave., Neptune, NJ
  3. John Harris (AKA: Doc), DOB: 02-02-1976, 610 Sewall Ave., Apt 3M, Asbury Park, NJ,
  4. Michael Latimore (AKA: Adam Bomb), DOB: 06-29-1970, 1005 4th Ave., Asbury Park, NJ,
  5. Ralph Hercules (AKA: Herc), DOB: 03-05-1980, 1309 10th Ave., Neptune Township, NJ,
  6. Jerel Wallace (AKA: Shug), DOB: 03-30-1977, 120 Monmouth Ave., Asbury Park, NJ,
  7. Charles Duffy, DOB: 01-14-1979, 510 5th Ave., Asbury Park, NJ,
  8. Sharron Robinson (AKA: Big Shah), DOB: 02-25-1976, 413 Ridge Ave., Asbury Park, NJ,
  9. Tariki Foster (AKA: Reek), DOB: 04-26-1985, 415 Sunset Ave., Asbury Park, NJ,
  10. Maliki Foster (AKA: Malik), DOB: 04-09-1982, 1302 Comstock St., Asbury Park, NJ,
  11. Jazar Lewis (AKA: Jazz), DOB: 03-16-1981, 1201 Grand Ave., Asbury Park, NJ,
  12. . Tyshaun Bolden (AKA: Infinite or Inf), DOB: 09-18-1981, 1004 Comstock Ave., Apt. 3B, Asbury Park, NJ,
  13. Charles Higgs (AKA: Goldie), DOB: 09-08-1978, 400 4th Ave., Apt.22, Asbury Park, NJ,
  14. Ladonn Brown, DOB: 11-12-1973, 400 3rd Ave., Apt. 15, Asbury Park, NJ.
  15. Curtis Harris, DOB: Asbury Park, NJ
  16. Luis Lugo, DOB: New York, NY
  17. Drew McLeod, DOB: Asbury Park, NJ


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