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News Release
June 2, 2005

Drug Enforcement Administration Recruiting
Accounting and Finance Experts

JUN 2 --DEA Deputy Administrator Michele Leonhart and DEA New Jersey Division Special Agent in Charge Michael Pasterchick, Jr., announced today that DEA is seeking individuals with accounting or finance degrees, or related experience to become DEA Special Agents. Drug trafficking in America has an estimated value of $65 billion of which less than one percent is seized by law enforcement. This new recruiting effort will be dedicated to “following the money” and taking away the primary incentive for people to enter into the illicit drug trade.

DEA Special Agents have the ability to make an impact on society by removing dangerous criminals from the streets of America and the world. DEA Special Agents with financial experience will help dismantle complex, international drug trafficking organizations, some of which may have terrorist ties. DEA Special Agents also help determine the source of and seize illegal narcotics assets, often in the multimillion dollar amounts.

DEA is looking for qualified men and women from diverse backgrounds to join their ranks. Competitive candidates should have a four-year finance or accounting degree – or any four- year degree with finance or accounting experience, be in excellent health and physical condition, and between the ages of 21 and 36.

“The DEA team is made up of individuals who reflect the richness of our nation’s diversity. Every day, DEA faces new challenges that demand the abilities of individuals skilled in a variety of areas to collect and analyze information; collaborate with local, national, and international agencies; and prosecute major violators. Your expertise can enhance DEA’s ability to fulfill its mission by apprehending the leaders of the world’s most powerful criminal organizations. To learn more about our mission and how to join our team, log on to www.dea.gov,” stated Deputy Administrator Leonhart.

DEA Deputy Administrator Leonhart’s recorded comments regarding this agreement can be accessed using the following:

Dial: 888-557-6494

Enter: 710,711,712 at prompt (note: you will need to dial separately for each quote)


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