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News Release
November 3, 2004

DEA New Orleans Hosts 'World of Work' Students

S/A Cazenavette, Darren Jones, Kelvin Johnson, G/S Richard M. Woodfork, Darren McField, Jared Taylor having fun and meeting new friends at Camp Villere
S/A Cazenavette, Darren Jones, Kelvin Johnson, Darren McField, Jared Taylor having fun and meeting new friends at Camp Villere.

From July 13 – July 29, 2004, the New Orleans Division Office hosted four very fine young men, Darren Jones, Darren McField, Kelvin Johnson and Jared Taylor; from the New Orleans Public Schools World of Work Academy. The World of Work Academy places young boys and girls ages 13-15 with business mentors. This allows the children to see the importance of obtaining an education and how adults use their education in the work environment. It is hoped that the children who take part in their program will return to school with renewed vigor and eager to excel.

James Baggs ,son of ASAC Robert J. Baggs, petting Emu
James Baggs ,son of ASAC Robert J. Baggs, petting Emu.
Eating Lunch with the Special Support Unit
Eating Lunch with the Special Support Unit

The young men were given a tour of DEA’s facilities and were shown many facets of the DEA. Time was also spent away from the office. Some of the highlights included a tour of DEA’s gun locker, a trip to the United States Attorney’s Office where they sat in on a sentencing for a drug felony with Assistant United States Attorney Tracey Knigh; a visit to SASA (Substance Abuse Services Alliance) of New Orleans where they spoke with Executive Director Rekaya Gibson; a trip to DEA’s air wing at New Orleans Lakefront Airport; a trip to Jackson Barracks and a trip to Camp Villere in Slidell, LA where they participated in the ROPES course and obstacle course courtesy of SFC Melissa Vosburg. A lunch buffet at Golden Corral was also enjoyed with members of the Special Support Unit from the New Orleans Division Office.

At the end of the program Special Agent George Cazenavette, Demand Reduction Coordinator for the New Orleans Field Division, presented Darren, Kelvin, Jared and Darren with plaques expressing gratitude for their support of drug prevention. They all enjoyed the visit with DEA and looked forward to a follow-up presentation from Special Agent Cazenavette at their school, F.W. Gregory Junior High School.

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