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News Release
July 23, 2004
For Additional Information, Contact:

Robert Paiz, Public Information Officer
Houston Division
E-mail: Houstonpio@aol.com

Fugitives Sought In Multi Defendant Indictment Case
Head Of The Organization On The Run

JULY 23--(LAREDO, TX) United States Attorney Michael Shelby and Special Agent in Charge James D. Craig with the Drug Enforcement Administration announced that a federal indictment, which was partially unsealed as to 18 defendants who were previously taken into custody, has now been unsealed as to all remaining named defendants. The indictment names a total of twenty seven persons charged in a twelve-count indictment for their role in a drug and money laundering criminal enterprise.

The indictment charges the alleged members of this drug and money laundering organization with various federal violations, including engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute multi kilograms quantities of marihuana and cocaine, conspiracy to launder drug proceeds and numerous other controlled substances violations. The alleged illegal conduct occurred during an eight- year period beginning in 1996.

In addition to the criminal charges, the indictment seeks to forfeit all property, real and personal, involved in the offenses and all property traceable to such property to include but not limited to approximately $15 million dollars in United States Currency.

Noe LopezThe indictment alleges that NOE LOPEZ, 43 and SIMON LOPEZ, 34, identified as brothers, are the heads of an organization and enterprise operating out of Texas, Georgia and elsewhere, which distributes multi kilo amounts of mairhuana and cocaine and laundered millions of dollars in drug proceeds over an eight year period. NOE LOPEZ remains a fugitive. SIMON LOPEZ, who is in custody, was ordered detained without bond at a detention hearing on July 16, 2004, before the Honorable Magistrate Judge Marcel C. Notzon. Also ordered detained without a bond was the son of Noe Lopez, Noe Lopez Jr., 21, who was taken into custody on July 12, 2004. At a July 22 hearing, Francisco Antonio Cansino, 38, was identified as a co-conspirator and brother in law of Noe and Simon Lopez. Cansino's bond was set at half a million dollars ($500,000.00).

Four additional persons charged in this indictment were found to be incarcerated in the State of Texas Criminal Justice System and in State prisons in the State of Georgia. The Government has filed writs with the Court requesting an order to produce the four for an initial appearance before the United States Magistrate Court in the Southern District of Texas, Laredo Division, to answer to the pending charges. The four defendants are identified as MICHAEL LAFAYETTE CAYRUTH , 50, and ROBERT LEONARD MCDOW, 34, both of the Atlanta, Georgia, area, Leon Rubalcaba, 30, and Andrew Rubalcaba, 46, both of Asherton, Texas. This brings the number of defendants in custody related to the indictment to twenty two.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) coordinated and conducted this investigation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Criminal Division, and have requested the unsealing of the indictment as to all defendants in order to seek the assistance of the Public and other law enforcement agencies in the arrest of the remaining five fugitives. The fugitives are identified as follows;

NOE LOPEZ, 43, who was known to reside at 419 Longshadow, Laredo, Texas. Lopez is also known to maintain residences in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and Gwinette County, Georgia. Lopez is known to frequent the Round-Up Night Club in Laredo, Texas, and the 57th Street Club in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Lopez is also known to use the aliases of "El Chilango", "Lentes" and "Senor Glasses"

Jesus Moreno
Juan Erasmo Rodriguez

Juan Erasmo Rodriguez, 40, whose last known residence was 506 Lipan, Laredo, Texas , and whose known occupation is that of a tractor trailer driver.

Jesus Moreno 34, whose last known address was 335 New Castle, Laredo, Texas, and whose known occupation was that of a tractor trailer driver.

Jose Felix Fierro AKA "El Gallo"

Jose Felix Fierro, 42, whose last known address is 135 Malaga, Laredo, Texas. Fierro is also believed to maintain a residence in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Fierro is known to use the alias of "El Gallo".




George Paul CorosineGeorg Paul Corosine, 31, who is known to reside in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Corosine's known occupation is that of a disc jockey and goes by the alias of "Deejay G. O."

Any private citizen or law enforcement agency with information regarding the whereabouts of the fugitives are asked to contact the Laredo DEA at (956) 523-6000 or the U.S. Marshal's Service at 1-887-926-8332. Both telephone lines are answered twenty four hours a day. Private citizens are asked not to attempt to apprehend any of these individuals on their own. All law enforcement agents asked to proceed with caution as some of the fugitives could be armed and dangerous.

The twenty five other co-conspirators named in the indictment are alleged to have assisted, aided or abetted the organization in the receipt, supply and distribution of marihuana and cocaine from Texas to various locations within the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and other locations and in the collection of proceeds from the distribution of said controlled substances.

According to the indictment, the conspirators used commercial tractor trailers and other means to transport and deliver cocaine and marihuana from Texas to distributors in Georgia, North Carolina and elsewhere. The indictment further alleges that following the delivery of shipments of cocaine and marihuana to the various distributors, co-conspirators collected the drug profits, concealed them in ice chests and other containers and transported them in personal vehicles or by tractor trailer back to the Laredo, Texas, area.

The indictment further indicates that the organization used drug proceeds to pay for drug debts, airline tickets, leases on vehicles, rent on apartments, homes and warehouses, hotels, commodities, cellular telephones and to wire money via Western Union transfers to promote the carrying on of the drug trafficking business.

As of July 23, 2004, the following defendants have been taken into custody:

1. Simon Lopez, DOB: 04-21-70, 904 Graceland, Laredo, Texas (7/16/04 Detained without Bond)

2. Noe Lopez, Jr., DOB: 01-07-83, 419 Longshadow, Laredo, Texas(7/16/04 Detained without Bond)

3. Eleuterio Liendo, DOB: 11/14/64, 432 Los Ebanos, Laredo, Texas (Scheduled for bond hearing 7/20/2004)

4. Francisco Cansino, DOB: 09-21-65, 805 Sandy Lane, Laredo, Texas (Scheduled for bond hearing 7/20/2004)

5. Jesus Del Angel Saldivar, DOB:12-19-76, 502 Garfield, Laredo, Texas
(Scheduled for bond hearing 7/20/2004)

6. Jose Angel Solis, DOB: 11-5-71, 804 Cupid Lane, Laredo, Texas (Scheduled for bond hearing 7/20/2004)

7. Juan Ibarra, DOB: 12/06/67, 801 Dalia Lane, Laredo, Texas (Scheduled for bond hearing 7/20/2004)

8. Jorge Ibarra, DOB: 03/15/72, 2018 Guerrero, Laredo, Texas(Scheduled for bond hearing 7/20/2004)

9. Sergio Barragan, DOB: 08/28/77, 2905 Rosario, Laredo, Texas(Scheduled for bond hearing 7/20/2004)

10. Gerardo "Jerry" Garza, DOB: 11-21-73, 742 Antelope Lane, Laredo, Texas (Scheduled for bond hearing 7/20/2004)

11. Juan Antonio Trevino, DOB: 02/27/61, 405 Croyden, Laredo, Texas(Detained without bond following detention hearing)

12. Ricardo Villarreal, DOB: 07/31/76, 3151 Clark, Laredo, Texas

(Court set bond despite Government's request to detain w/o bond; Defendant remains in Custody)

13. Ricardo Cruz, DOB: 10/19/56, 80 Grove, Laredo, Texas (Released on Bond pending final pretrial hearing)

14. Juan Montalvo-Flores, DOB: 09/09/72, 1409 Belden, Laredo, Texas(Detained without bond following detention hearing)

15. Arturo Vidales, DOB: 08/18/77, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico (Detained without bond following detention hearing)

16. Jorge Vidales Aguilar, DOB: 12/087/79, Nuevo Laredo, Tamauplipas, Mexico

(Detained without bond following detention hearing)

17. Adriana Laura Cortez, DOB: 7-30-82, 860 Eagle Creek, Lawrenceville, Georgia

(Arrested in Georgia, Defendant is charged only on money laundering conspiracy count. Defendant is five months pregnant. Government agreed to set a bond. Released on bond pending final pretrial hearing)

18. David Vasquez, DOB: 02-11-72, Atlanta, Georgia
(Defendant surrendered in Laredo. He has been cooperating with the Government for almost two years. Government agreed to set bond. Released on bond pending final pretrial hearing)

19. Michael Lafayette Cayruth, DOB: 06-26-50, (In Custody in Atlanta, Georgia/To be transferred to the custody of the U.S. Marshal and transported to Laredo, Texas)

20. Robert Leonard McDow, a/k/a Louis Shagville Johnson, DOB: 06-25-70, (In custody in Atlanta, Georgia /To be transferred to the custody of the U.S. Marshal and transported to Laredo, Texas/)

21. Leon Rubalcaba, DOB; 11-21-64, (Originally from Asherton, Texas /In Custody in the State of Texas Criminal Justice System/To be transferred to the custody of the U.S. Marshal and transported to Laredo, Texas/)

22. Andrew Rubalcaba, DOB: 05-22-58, (Originally from Asherton, Texas/In Custody in the State of Texas Criminal Justice System /To be transferred to the custody of the U.S. Marshal and transported to Laredo, Texas/)

An indictment is an accusation of criminal conduct, not evidence. Defendants are presumed innocent unless and until convicted through due process of law.



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