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News Release
September 18, 2004

DEA HIDTA Fajardo Task Force Seize $261,285.00
at the Fajardo Municipal Airport

OCT 29--On September 18, 2004, PRPD Fajardo, Puerto Rico Narcotics Division officers were at the Fajardo Municipal Airport observing passengers arriving from the offshore island of Culebra. The officers recognized drug trafficker Francisco PEREZ-Polanco as he was arriving from Culebra. PEREZ was on bail as a result of drug charges related to the possession of 6 kilograms of cocaine for which he had been arrested by PRPD on April 26, 2004 and is awaiting trial. The PRPD officers followed PEREZ as he departed the airport. When a marked unit attempted to conduct a vehicle stop, PEREZ bailed out of the car and a chase ensued. While running away from the officers, PEREZ was seen carrying two black carry-on bags. The officers were able to apprehend PEREZ and found him in possession of a large sum of U.S. currency concealed in the two black bags.

PRPD requested the assistance of the DEA HIDTA Fajardo Task Force. PEREZ admitted to the DEA agents that he was carrying approximately $250,000.00 and that it was derived from drug trafficking. PEREZ also stated that the money was intended to pay-off a drug debt. The HIDTA Task Force continues the investigation. DEA HIDTA Fajardo Task Force and PRPD Narcotics Division continue a joint effort to combat drug trafficking and money laundering trough the Fajardo Municipal Airport. The Fajardo Municipal Airport is a favorite of tourists and business people commuting from Puerto Rico to the off-shore islands of Culebra and Vieques and vacationing to other islands throughout the Caribbean, which makes it susceptible to drug and money laundering activity.


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