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News Release
August 7, 2003

New York DEA / NYPD Joint Investigation Leads to Dismantling of Four Major Bronx Drug Organizations

photo - Associate SAC Walker
Associate SAC William Walker
addresses NY Press at 1 Police Plaza

William J. Walker, Associate Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration's New York Field Division today announced the takedown of "Operation Slam Dunk" a two-year investigation that began with an NYPD undercover buy of 200 - glassine heroin bags in the Bronx and resulted in the arrest of 26 narcotics traffickers in New York City and 8 in Seattle, Washington. Four major heroin and cocaine trafficking groups in the Bronx were dismantled.

A simultaneous takedown in Seattle led to the arrest of Alfonso Brooks, 31, a Colombian national who supplied narcotics to two New York drug organizations and coordinated the importation of large shipments of narcotics into the city.

The cocaine/heroin trail traced by the investigation first targeted a high volume street-level heroin operation run by Marcos Delgado, 26, on Morris Avenue and Cameron Place in the Bronx. The Delgado operation sold individual glassine bags, and bundles of glassines of heroin under the brand names "Keep on Truckin'," and "Twin Towers," before and after the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Subsequently, two organizations headed by brothers Amaury and Juan Soriano were identified. Amaury Soriano, a major heroin supplier to the Delgado group, controlled various locations on Walton Avenue and 183nd Street in the Bronx including an apartment in a residential building adjacent to the 46th Precinct. His brother Juan headed a large-scale cocaine operation and stashed large quantities of cocaine in the affluent Riverdale section of the Bronx.

Alfonso Brooks is charged as a major importer and distributor of narcotics who supplied the Soriano brothers. Brooks was the New York City connection of a Colombia-based drug cartel smuggling multiple kilogram shipments of narcotics into the United States. The Brooks organization used locations in the Pelham and Fordham sections of the Bronx and in Ozone Park, Queens to stash narcotics and narcotics proceeds.

Throughout the investigation, federal and local police seized 50 kilos of cocaine valued at $1.2 million; a quarter kilo of powdered heroin and about 7,000 individually-wrapped glassine packages of heroin, with a combined value of more than $100,000; $335,000 in cash; two illegal firearms; and two bullet resistant vests.

The Drug Enforcement Administration coordinated its part of the investigation through its offices in Seattle, New York, and Bogota, Colombia. Associate Special Agent in Charge William J. Walker stated "The success of this investigation is the result of law enforcement's collaborative efforts and coordinated approach which creates synergy and a shared determination that is absolutely vital in the struggle against drug trafficking groups that terrorize our communities and sabotage the very foundation of our society."

Prosecution in Seattle will be conducted by the Office of the United States Attorney for the Western District of Washington. Prosecution in New York will be conducted by the Office of Special Narcotics for the City of New York. Five of the defendants will be returned to Supreme Court to face indictments on top narcotics and conspiracy charges; six were previously arraigned on indictments and are in jail. The remaining defendants will be arraigned on arrest charges in Criminal Court.


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