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News Release

Elite Military Unit Trains DEA Agents On Critical Trauma Response

DEA agents participate in Critical Trauma Reponse Training.
DEA agents participate in Critical Trauma Reponse Training.

OCT 2--Detroit, MI- The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Detroit had the opportunity to receive dramatic and comprehensive training on responding to mass casualty emergency situations. A specialized military group known as Joint Task Force 6 provided the training. This unit, based at Ft. Bliss, Texas was formed in 1989 by former President George Bush (Sr.) to provide military assistance with illegal drug trafficking into the United States. Since that time and with the more recent threats of terrorism, the unit has expanded its role to include training federal agencies such as the DEA on mass casualty critical incident response. The group is made up of specially trained members of each branch of the U.S. military that bring specific expertise to the unit.

The training included classroom and practical exercises on triage first aid and critical scene management. The three-day training concluded with a practical exercise that involved a staged drug deal that resulted in a "shooting" of the role playing undercover agents. The scenario and make-up was as close to real life as anything Hollywood could produce. As agents responded to the mock shooting and attempted to secure the scene, an explosion took place in a nearby building with a sniper "firing" at the DEA agents as they tried to protect the "public" and administer first aid to victims.

All of the DEA personnel expressed how valuable the training was and how skilled the members of Joint Task Force 6 were in their presentation and preparation for the training. WDIV Channel 4 is Detroit covered the training and aired the story on October 1, 2003, letting the public better understand the extensive steps being taken by the federal government to protect their safety on a daily basis. Although the public doesn't necessarily see members of the DEA on a daily basis because of the undercover nature of our work, if tragedy were to hit we would willingly assist in any way possible.

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