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News Release
May 29, 2003

DEA Detroit Task Force Agent Honored As Officer Of The Year

MAY 29--Detroit, MI- On May 29, 2003, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task Force Agent Eric Krawczyk was chosen as the "Police Officer of the Year" by the Dearborn, Michigan Police Department. TFA Krawczyk is a Dearborn police officer assigned to Enforcement Group 2 in the Detroit Divisional Office. TFA Krawczyk has been a police officer for nearly nine years and has been assigned to the DEA Detroit for slightly over two years. He has brought a tenacious investigative style to the task force that has benefited new DEA agents assigned to the DEA Detroit Office.

The Dearborn Police Department has been a formal Task Force partner with the DEA Detroit Office for over twenty years. This partnership has been extremely beneficial to the Drug Enforcement Administration and the citizens of Dearborn. Dearborn, Michigan is a city of 100,000 residents located on the western border of Detroit. The Dearborn Police Department has 200 police officers assigned to a number of specialized bureaus. The police department has always been generous with their resources to DEA, offering the services of narcotics dogs, surveillance support and prisoner housing space.

While TFA Krawczyk was honored for numerous investigations that he led or participated in, he was specifically noted for his role in helping to solve one of the Detroit areas most vicious homicide cases that had occurred in years. On December 22, 2002, five members of the Pesce family were found gruesomely murdered in their suburban Livonia, Michigan home. The victims included the family's father, grandmother, and three young children who had all been killed execution style. While working a significant cocaine and methamphetamine investigation DEA Detroit, TFA Krawczyk developed a confidential source of information that had vital information concerning the murders. TFA Krawczyk developed thorough details of the murder and the suspects involved. He immediately contacted Livonia police investigators, passed on the information and made his source of information available for further interview. TFA Krawczyk worked extensive hours through the Christmas holiday side by side with the Livonia police officers. Information developed by TFA Krawczyk led to several search warrants being executed, which resulted in stolen property from the murder scene and the murder weapon being recovered. This information identified John Wolfenbarger and Dennis Lincoln as the perpatrators. The DEA and the Livonia Police Department have commended TFA Krawczyk for his efforts. Both defendants recently went to trial in Wayne County Circuit Court and were convicted of all five murders. On May 28, 2003, both defendants were sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. This conclusion was based largely on the work and keen investigative ability of TFA Krawczyk. The DEA Detroit is extremely proud of TFA Krawczyk and our relationship with the Dearborn Police Department.

"This is a perfect example of law enforcement working together to solve one of the most heinous crimes to occur in the Detroit area in a long time. We [DEA] have been truly fortunate with the task force relationships we have developed which not only impact drug crimes, but all kinds of crimes that deeply affect local communities," said Michael A. Braun, Special Agent in Charge of the DEA Detroit Field Division.

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