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Prescription Medicine News Releases
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 JUN 27, 2012 Federal Investigation Takes Down New Breed of Pill Mills in Florida
 MAY 17, 2012 DEA Investigation of Express Scripts Drug Diversion, Regulatory Violations Leads to $2.75 Million Settlement
 MAY 15, 2012 DEA Suspends for Two Years Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributor’s Ability to Sell Controlled Substances from Lakeland, Florida Facility
 MAY 11, 2012 Omnicare in $50 Million Settlement- Largest Controlled Substance Settlement in History
 APR 30, 2012 DEA Diversion Investigation Leads to $500000 Settlement in Internet Pharmacy Case
 APR 19, 2012 Doctors, Owner of Pain Clinics Indicted for Illegal Prescription Drug Distribution
 APR 16, 2012 Operation Adam Bomb: Arrest of Creators, Operators of Online Secret Narcotics Marketplace
 APR 16, 2012 DEA to Hold Nationwide Prescription Drug Take-Back Day April 28
 MAR 05, 2012 California Doctor Charged With Murder in Multiple Patient Deaths
 FEB 14, 2012 More Than Four Life Sentences for Dr. Paul Volkman: Illegally Prescribed Drugs Resulting in Four Deaths 
 FEB 06, 2012 DEA Suspends Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributor and Retailers’ Ability to Sell Controlled Substances
 OCT 28, 2011 DEA Administrator, Attorney General Announce Enforcement Efforts Against Illegal Prescription Drug Distributors in Florida
 SEP 13, 2011 TSA and Law Enforcement Officers in Nevada and Florida Charged in Prescription Drug Ring Narcotics Trafficking Network Results In 20 Arrests
 JUN 30, 2011 Multiple Defendants Arrested for Operating Prescription Drug "Pill Mill"
 MAY 26, 2011 Final Defendant Sentenced in 100 Kilo Crack Cocaine Distribution Conspiracy in Kentucky
 APR 19, 2011 Obama Administration Releases Action Plan to Address National Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic
 MAR 08, 2011 DEA Holding Second Nationwide Prescription Drug Take-Back Day in April
 OCT 14, 2010 CVS to Pay Largest Ever Civil Penalty Under Controlled Substances Act
 OCT 05, 2010 American Public Overwhelmingly Responds to DEA Prescription Drug Take-Back Effort
 SEP 09, 2010 Over 2,700 Sites Join DEA Nationwide to Take-Back Prescription Drugs on Sept. 25
 AUG 19, 2010 DEA Heads First-Ever Nationwide Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
 AUG 12, 2010 Nine Members of Oxycodone Distribution Ring Charged by Feds
 JUL 16, 2010 New Data Reveal 400% Increase in Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions for People Abusing Prescription Drugs
 JUL 14, 2009 Physician Accused of Multiple Crimes in Massive Prescription Drug Case
 MAY 8, 2009 Doctor Guilty of Federal Drug Trafficking Charges for Writing Oxycodone Prescriptions for Cash
 MAY 4, 2009 Ohio Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Agrees to Pay $500,000 in Civil Settlement for Supplying Internet Pharmacies
 APR 13, 2009 New Rules Governing Internet Pharmacies Go Into Effect TODAY
 NOV 14, 2008 Father and Son Convicted of Running Illegal Internet Pharmacy
 NOV 04, 2008 Edmonds Pharmacy "Manager of the Year" Pleads Guilty
 OCT 01, 2008 Congress Passes Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act
 AUG 27, 2008 Nine Arrested for Violation of Combat Meth Act
 AUG 19, 2008 Public Service Campaign Marks National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month in New Jersey
 JUL 30, 2008 Doctor Among 57 Arrested on Prescription Drug Charges in Michigan Raid
 JUN 27, 2008 DEA Issues Proposed Regulations to Allow Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances
 APR 30, 2008 Doctor Indicted on Federal Drug Trafficking Charges for Writing Oxycontin Prescriptions for Cash
 MAR 6, 2008 New Jersey Physician Sentenced to 11 Years for Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotic Painkillers
 FEB 14, 2008 California Doctor Arrested On Charges Of Writing Prescriptions For Narcotics Without Examining ‘Patients’
 FEB 11, 2008 Miami Beach Doctor Indicted for Patient Death Resulting from Illegal Dispensing of Controlled Substance
 FEB 7, 2008 Undercover Purchases Of Prescription Medication Leads To 3 Arrests
 FEB 4, 2008 Former Police Officer Sentenced for Trafficking Oxycontin
 NOV 29, 2007 DEA Suspends Seattle Branch Of Cardinal Health Drug Company And Rogue Internet Pharmacy From Distributing Controlled Substances
 JUL 26, 2007 Hospital’s Failure to Keep Proper Records Results In $2 Million Civil Fine
 JUL 23, 2007 Five Indicted in 102 Count Unlawful Prescription Drug Operation
 JUL 2, 2007 Doctor Charged with Illegal Drug Distribution
 APR 5, 2007 Routine Cleaning: DEA Arrests Dental Office Manager
 MAR 28, 2007 Supplier of Internet Pharmacies Shut Down
 JAN 31, 2007 Pharmacy In Kenner, LA Closed, Two Arrested
 JAN 29, 2007 Seven Doctors Indicted in Puerto Rico
 DEC 6, 2006 Internet Pharmaceutical Supplier Shut Down
 OCT 26, 2006 Operation Cyber-Roid Snares Illegal Internet Pharmacy
 OCT 16, 2006 Westchester County Pharmacist Sentenced to Six Years in Federal Prison for Illegally Distributing Hydrocodone
 OCT 12, 2006 Four Defendants Indicted for Conspiracy to Distribute Over 8 Million Dosage Units of Hydrocodone and to Launder Money
 OCT 10, 2006 Internet Pharmacy Shut Down
 JUN 6, 2006 Dentist Charged With Writing Fraudulent Prescriptions
 MAR 23, 2006 Pharmacist Charged for Distributing Controlled Substances
 FEB 6, 2006 Bronx Doctor Indicted for Unlawful Distribution of Hydrocodone
 AUG 5, 2005 Pharmacist Arrested Trying To Sell Prescription Drugs For Cash And Car
 JUL 15, 2005 9 Arrested in Florida's Largest Ever Prosecution of an Online Pharmacy
 APR 20, 2005 International Internet Drug Ring Shattered
 APR 6, 2005 Doctor Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Medicare and Illegally Distributing Controlled Substances
 FEB 16, 2005 New Castle, Virginia Pharmacist Indicted
 DEC 1, 2004

Two More Local Pharmacists And 40+ Counts Added To "Dr. Herpin" Indictment

 OCT 1, 2004

Houston Doctor and 6 Local Pharmacists Charged in Conspiracy to Illegally Distribute Narcotics

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