News Release
September 6, 2002

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National Household Survey on Drug Abuse
DEA's Response to Results

"The results from the new National Household survey on drug abuse call all Americans to action in the fight against drugs. The survey shows we have work to do. This is an opportunity for communities across America to become more engaged to lessen the grasp of drugs in America. I challenge communities -- parents, families, schools, businesses, churches, and community leaders - to join in finding neighborhood solutions to this worldwide problem," said DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson.

Despite the results that indicate some drug use is up, Administrator Hutchinson emphasized we must keep our perspective. Overall, this country has had tremendous success in reducing drug use and helping young people make the right decisions. We've reduced drug use by 50% in the last 20 years and cocaine use by 75% in the last 15 years.

The Household statistics show that some of the drugs being abused more frequently are those that are falsely believed to be safe. We are facing a tremendous knowledge gap about the very real dangers of drugs, like Ecstasy and marijuana. DEA is joining our prevention and treatment partners to close that gap and ensure that every teen understands the painful consequences of drug use.

"More than ever, the study demonstrates that we need to help those caught in the grip of addiction. Treatment works, and by helping addicts heal, we can reduce the demand for drugs and build a drug-free America," Hutchinson concluded.

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