News Release
August 16, 2005
CONTACT: DEA Public Affairs 202-307-7977

Statement of James M. Kasson, Special Agent in Charge of the DEA’s Philadelphia Field Division, regarding the indictment charging sixteen residents of Bradford County, PA with felony methamphetamine trafficking offenses

Methamphetamine is an extremely dangerous and toxic drug that has spread like wildfire across our nation, endangering the lives of our citizens, our children and the law enforcement community sworn to protect us. Today’s arrests mark the culmination of a 12 month joint investigation that targeted a methamphetamine drug trafficking organization, that manufactured and distributed methamphetamine in Bradford County, PA.

Members of this organization sold weapons in exchange for methamphetamine, including handguns and assault rifles. Additionally, these members provided methamphetamine to their children and even injured a police officer during a traffic stop. This organization operated methamphetamine labs in residences, on public and private lands, near parks and creek beds and out of the trunk of their vehicles, leaving behind an enormous amount of toxic waste that poses a tremendous public health issue and extreme environmental concerns. These 16 indictments are the result of outstanding coordination of law enforcement efforts among DEA, Pennsylvania State Police and the US Attorney’s Office.

These arrests should send a clear message to those who manufacture and distribute methamphetamine in our community, causing fear among our citizens and reaping profits from its sale. These outstanding law enforcement efforts have ended this wide-ranging conspiracy, which will no longer threaten Bradford County with this extremely addictive and hazardous drug.

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