News Release
May 29, 2002


FBI logoDEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson today responded to the FBI's reorganization plans that would divert more than 400 agents currently assigned to narcotics investigations to counterterrorism activities. "Our nation needs the full attention, expertise, and focus of the FBI on preventing terrorism against United States citizens. This is the right priority for the FBI," explained Administrator Hutchinson.

He continued, "The DEA stands ready to accept this new challenge that comes from the FBI reorganization." The DEA is the only single mission agency in this country dedicated to fighting drugs. "We know how to fight drugs, do it very well, and are recognized worldwide for our expertise and results. This is a new opportunity for the courageous men and women of the DEA to do even more for our country," added Administrator Hutchinson.

Administrator Hutchinson noted that it may be necessary for the DEA to work with the Justice Department, Congress, and the Administration on getting additional resources. "These are issues we will discuss to ensure the DEA has all the necessary tools to continue doing our job well."

The DEA is comprised of 9,000 Special Agents, Intelligence Analysts, Chemists, and support staff. DEA's 4,600 Special Agents are stationed around the country and in more than 56 nations worldwide. For more information, please visit the DEA's website at or call the Office of Public Affairs at (202) 307-7977.

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