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News Release
May 24, 2000


Today, the United States Senate confirmed 30 year veteran Special Agent Donnie R. Marshall as DEA Administrator. Mr. Marshall is the first DEA agent who has risen through the ranks to lead the agency.

According to Mr. Marshall, "The greatest challenge DEA faces today is to dismantle the violent criminal drug organizations responsible for flooding America's cities and towns with illegal drugs. I believe that this is the most serious threat to our national security and well-being today. The flow of drugs into our nation violates our sovereignty and brings crime and suffering to communities across America. No other threat affects the everyday lives of millions of Americans like illicit drugs."

"As DEA Administrator, I plan to direct all of our resources against those criminal groups degrading the quality of life in our country. I remain strongly committed to working with education and prevention experts through our Demand Reduction Program to assist with reducing drug use among our youth. In order to address the complexities of drug use and drug-related crime, the DEA remains committed to bringing to justice those who violate our nation's drug laws. We accept this challenge and pledge to promote a safer and drug free country for all citizens," he added.

Mr. Marshall served as Deputy Administrator since 1998 and as Acting Administrator since July 1999. From 1996-1998 he served as Chief of Operations, with the responsibility of overseeing the daily management of DEA. In this capacity he directed international investigations which resulted in the arrest of important figures in major Mexican and Colombian drug organizations. From 1995-1996, he was the Chief of Domestic Operations and chaired the Sensitive Activities Review Committee responsible for approving potentially controversial or high-risk operations. He oversaw DEA's air operations from 1986-1995 as Special Agent in Charge of the Aviation Division. And from 1984-1986 he served as Assistant Special Agent in Charge of DEA's Dallas Division. He also has served as a Senior Inspector in the Office of Professional Responsibility, as the Deputy Regional Director for the Latin America Region, as Country Attache in Brazil, as the Resident Agent in Charge in Austin, and as a Special Agent in Dallas and Houston.

Mr. Marshall received a B.S. degree from Stephen F. Austin State University, was born in Nagodoches, Texas, is a native of San Augustine, Texas, and has been a long time resident of Dallas, Texas. Mr. Marshall is married to Catherine, a native of Galveston, Texas, and has three children.

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