News Release
April 14, 2005

DEA Releases Radio Actualities on Hurwitz
Sentencing in Eastern District of Virginia

APR 14--DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy recorded the following radio actualities today for reporters wishing a sound illustration for stories on the sentencing of Dr. William Elliot Hurwitz who was convicted of 50 counts of drug conspiracy by a Virginia jury last December.

Administrator Tandy's recorded comments regarding this agreement can be accessed by doing the following:

Dial: 888-557-6494
Enter: 717, 718, 719 at prompt (note: You will need to dial separately for each quote)

  • Dr. Hurwitz used his position of trust and authority to treat people in pain. He hid behind the white lab coat and medical degree, but, in the end, he was a common drug dealer.

  • Let me make DEA's policy on pain management crystal clear: The DEA targets the diversion of legal drugs into the illegal market wherever it occurs-on the Internet, through pharmacy robberies, or prescription forgeries. Physicians are an extremely small part of the problem.

  • Justice was served today. A criminal drug dealer who violated the public trust and his Hippocratic oath 'to do no harm' will no longer be in a position to endanger our citizens.

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