News Release
January 22, 2002

DEA Administrator to Keynote
National Association of Drug Court Professionals
(NADCP) 3rd Annual Juvenile Justice and Family
Drug Court Training Conference in Reno

photo - Administrator Hutchinson

photo - Administrator Hutchinson and Judge Durkin

In an earlier demonstration of his support for drug courts and the people who have broken the crippling cycle of drug addiction, DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson addressed the graduates of a Youngstown, Ohio, drug court on October 12, 2001.

(pictured above) Mahoning County Judge John Durkin (left) with DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson.

DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson will be the keynote speaker at the NADCP’s 3rd Annual Juvenile Justice and Family Drug Court Training Conference in Reno, NV, on January 24, 2002, at 8:30 am in the John Ascuaga’s Nugget Hotel.

According to Administrator Hutchinson, “Taxpayers get their money’s worth when law enforcement and treatment are combined. Since my days in Congress, and now as head of the DEA, I have seen first hand the success of drug courts which combine accountability with treatment.”

The NADCP Conference will be the largest training conference ever to address the unique issues facing juveniles and families caught in the cycle of substance abuse and crime. The theme of this year’s conference is “Reclaiming Our Families: Prevention and Intervention.”

“The explosive growth of drug courts, from the original 12 that formed the NADCP in 1994 to over 1,200 in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, England, Puerto Rico, and Guam today, shows the impressive dynamic of a good idea in open societies,” Hutchinson concluded.

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