Money Laundering News Releases

 DEC 06, 2011

Statement on DEA, Mexico Efforts to Fight Money Laundering

 APR 12, 2010 More Than $40 Million Worth Gold, Silver and Jewels Forfeited in International Money Laundering Case
 JAN 25, 2010 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Unseals Money Laundering Charge Against Former President of Guatemala
 JUN 19, 2009 Large Scale Cocaine Trafficker Found Guilty of Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering
 MAR 19, 2009 U.S. Announces Indictment of Heads of Colombia's D.M.G. Group for Money Laundering
 FEB 27, 2008 Over Par and Under Arrest: Golf Co. Execs Busted
 JUN 18, 2007 Colombian Drug Kingpin Found Guilty
 MAY 4, 2007 U.S. Seizes Over $5.6 Million From Dubai-Based Money Launderer
 OCT 18, 2006 26 Arrested in International Drug Bust
 OCT 6, 2006 56 charged in drug trafficking & money laundering indictments
 JUN 15, 2006 16 Additional People Indicted in Large Scale Drug and Money Laundering Case
 APR 7, 2006 Mexican National Extradited to Oregon To Face Charges of Methamphetamine/Cocaine Distribution and Money Laundering
 JAN 23, 2006 DEA Aids in the Arrest of International Money Manager Accused of Laundering $1 Billion in Illegal Proceeds
 JAN 11, 2006 Money Laundering Threat Assessment Released
 DEC 8, 2005 DEA Dismantles Large International Drug and Money Laundering Organization
 OCT 13, 2005 Major Cocaine, Meth and Money Laundering Organization Dismantled
 JUL 19, 2005 DEA’s "Money Trail Initiative" Cuts Flow of Cash to Cartels
 JUN 14, 2005 Colombian Drug and Money Laundering Ring Shattered
 MAY 31, 2005 Drug Enforcement Administration Recruiting Accounting And Finance Experts
 MAR 4, 2004 Nineteen Individuals Indicted in the District of Puerto Rico For Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering as a Result of a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Investigation
 MAR 4, 2004 United States Requests Extradition of Cali Cartelleaders from Colombia on Money Laundering Charges
 JAN 12, 2004 Cash Smuggling Case at O'Hare Airport
 OCT 9, 2003 25 Charged with Methamphetamine Trafficking and Laundering Meth Money
 AUG 29, 2003 Statement From DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy on Operation Double Trouble